Existential Universe 2

I previously wrote about the existential universe and I’ve started a sub-blog dedicated to my high school and college poetry, Confessions of a Teenaged Poet.

So I was a little surprise when I came across this verse:

In the space of a thousand winks
Earth, into a black hole sinks,
As Universe folds upon itself
And is put away on a shelf,
Then all Life fades away,
Waiting to be born, another day.

I was toying with the idea of a sentient, self aware universe and thinking how weird it is that the hardest science I did in school was chemisty, geology and biology, and now, I am being playful with physics.

And the verse that I wrote so long ago, was basically an earlier attempt to describe the universe, despite not having a clue about physics.

I was more a drama geek than a science geek in high school, although I was a science fiction geek. Okay, am a science fiction geek.

Anyway, it gave me a creepy kind of chill and put me in the mind of Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe where the earth is a computer, working out what is the Ultimate Question, the meaning of life, the universe and everything, to give meaning to the answer of 42.

Then, I think of Elvis, who died at 42 shortly after that radio play and novels.

And I think, clearly, that’s when you need to have done your best work by, just to be safe.

and I realize, that I am 43.

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