Religionists vs Naturalists

I think we need to drop atheism and let the religious people have the term.

Hey, maybe if we give them atheism to define, they’ll ease up on the ownership of the word marriage?

Religionists can then define atheism  any way they want and we can just say, whatever, we’re not atheists: we’re naturalists.

We think that the universe is natural and has natural underpinnings, and just because we haven’t figured it out yet doesn’t mean that we won’t – we just need enough time and technology advances. Accumulated changes over time seems to be how the universe works, anyway.

So the answer to how the universe started is left blank until we have enough information to form theories.

Life isn’t about about the answers, it’s about the process we arrive at answers.

Religion provides no process by which to arrive at answers – religions with deities, start and end with Goddidit.

Religions without deities, that deal with spirits, forces of nature, that are a journey of inward discovery to understand Will and The Way, are compatible with naturalism – as they are both about the journey, not the answers, which may well be unknowable.

But these types of religious thinking and naturalism, understanding the world around us and taking a journey of discovery within, are compatible with each other – they show us the way we can co-exist by allowing each their own processes and allowing answers to become apparent, through the fullness of time.

Deity Religionists think that they already understand the universe and how to be in it.

Naturalists – whether from a naturalistic spiritualism or a scientific framework – don’t yet understand the universe and we’re working out how best to be in it, as new information becomes available and infrastructure and technology adapts with us.

3 thoughts on “Religionists vs Naturalists

  1. A friend of mine has recently dropped the term athiest as a self-descriptor. He feels it legitimizes the idea of theism by labeling oneself as against it.

    The only “religious” text I ever got anything from was the tao te ching. if one is inclined to be religious, I’m not sure how the bible or any of its cousins can be more attractive. There are no theats or commands to blindly obey in the TTC, so I guess it doesn’t appeal to the inner masochist.

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