It would be funny

If the news that Stephen Harper’s placing number 9 on the list of our nation’s longest serving Prime Minister isn’t enough to trigger a recall campaign or make the Liberals and NDP getting off their butts and merge or form a coalition party; then what will it take?

I’m talking to everyone who’s disgruntled with the status quo and wants a return to actual Canadian values – not the values that Harper would have us be hobbled with.

We need to look to a future that everything we strive for embodies.

Food security and adequate housing for everyone.

Access to education and economic opportunity.

Equality of person – personal sovereignty

and a fair social contract that is about productivity, accomplishments, effort and tenacity – not monetary or material wealth – but plenty for everyone to have a fair share in measured proportion to ability and need.

It’s time for all members of Canadian society to be fully citizens from first nations to the most recent immigrants. There’s plenty of Canada to work and play well together – we need to keep Canadian resources from being extracted and shipped elsewhere for manufacture and sale back to us at higher prices.

We need to prevent foreign ownership of:

  • Crown Corporations, who’s infrastructure was paid for by Canadian taxes and resource sales;
  • Lands used to extract raw resources – and said resources – because there’s more jobs and money to be made in resources extracting and refining then selling refined or manufactured goods – instead of ending at extraction and exportation of raw materials.
  •  Waterways – because water is the new oil – and Canada has more than our land percentage share.

And the world we need to strive for is the Star Trek Federation – because in the federation run Earth, everyone has food and shelter – survival security and the ability to study and take up any career path within interest and needfulness – making everyone a participating and contributing member of society,.

Who could be against that?

When what all that means is that each of us are the social unit of consequence with the freedom to take liberties with whatever makes us happy and does not cause undue hardship for anyone else to do the same.

We just have to choose to coexist today.