Religious vs Spiritual Redux

Religious people don’t like spiritual people because spiritual people are what they call cafeteria believers, you pick what you like and jettison the rest.

the problem with this is that religious people are also cafeteria believers, they just keep more and cling harder, especially when it’s something they can hold against others – like being anti-gay because the bible, a book full of slavery, polygamous marriages with concubines on the side and over 600 rules including that wearing poly-cotton blends will send you to hell for eternity

if they obeyed everything, they wouldn’t have so much time to be bothered about other people.

check out AJ Jacobs’ Year of Living Biblically.

that said, I think it’s worth investigating what spiritual really means to the people who call themselves that – particularly from geographical areas that are not culturally immersed in religions.

Like Shinto or Confucianism – something meditative and with a long multi-generational view – an understanding of the forces at play across generations of nations

2 thoughts on “Religious vs Spiritual Redux

  1. I wouldn’t call myself either – my last therapist tried to get me thinking spiritually but I can’t go there. I find it entirely egotistical to believe there is more ‘me’ that what is encompassed by my meat. I have a Japanese friend, I’m hoping to ask her one day what her beliefs are, out of curiosity.

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