It’s that time of year again

The annual war on the mythical war on Christmas.

I celebrate solstice and I have no problem with other people celebrating whatever holiday makes them happy; but it doesn’t need to be a civic holiday for people to celebrate, after all, the people in secular nations who aren’t christian, don’t get their religious holidays as civic holidays.

So either no religion gets their special days as statutory holidays or they all get their days as statutory holidays.

But all or none, and no pretending that all are equal when one religion is favoured over the others by governments who aren’t supposed to be supporting any.

4 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again

  1. S and I were discussing this the other day.

    If I moved to another non-Western country, I would expect to have to celebrate, or at least abide, by their holidays of their culture. Not mine, because mine are from another region. And whether we like it or not, the vast majority of countries are based on some religious principles. I wouldn’t expect to get my holidays off, because the region I’m in, the culture I’m in, is different from that of my homeland.

    I’m pagan as well (happy solstice!) but because I live in a largely Christian culture, I don’t expect to get my holidays off. And as long as they don’t keep me from celebrating in my own way on my own time, I’m okay with that.

    Just my two pence worth. 🙂

    • but that’s the thing – everyone can and does celebrate their cultural/religious holidays

      but Canada, the US, Australia are all nations with the idea of separation of church and state

      so it makes no sense for any religion’s holidays to be statuatory holidays

      so either we’re a mosaic which is what we say we are in Canada – so all the cultures that come here are added to our distinctiveness

      which is different than the US Melting Pot idea of lowest common denominstor

      so either we make more religious days into stat holidays or we eliminate state holidays that are religious. – and leaving stat holidays to be a secualar matter

      Memorial Day, Indpendance Day, Labour Day, Remebrance Day, Leader Day, Family Day, whatever – but no religion’s holidays as stat holidays

  2. We have three religious holidays here, as considered Catholic ones: good Friday, Christmas, and st Patrick’s. But! We also have Halloween off, which I find fascinating. They are trying to still make a pagan holiday a Christian one, after all these years. They also have a bunch of holidays for no reason at all, unlike the US where they are all patriotic in nature and everyone in retail still has to work.

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