The Huddled masses can yearn for elsewhere

I understand and support that you get to choose for you life – so the question is, why won’t Christians let other people have that same choice?

Missionaries, modern and historic – took choice away from many people around the globe, displacing their traditional beliefs and practices with Christian ones – for good or bad.

And Christians in America, collectively have taken choice away from people – from trying to assert religious ideas in science classes to making it impossible for anyone to run for office who can’t or won’t wear a religion as a badge of honor.

America was founded on the idea that the individual was the social unit of consequence, and so being, with the freedom to take liberties with whatever happiness you could attain.

That is not compatible with Christianity or any religion, which is a system by which various levels of authority are worshiped and conformity and obedience is rewarded.

So how did something like Christianity become the American Identity to the point that America is no longer tolerant of the poor huddled masses yearning to be free?

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