NinaVerse: New Years Eve 2012 Edition

If you are coachable, that is to say, willing and able to think of 6 impossible things before breakfast; I will take you on a journey where the only limitation is you.

Ompossible Thing #1
I have figured out how to make a better lemon, one molecule at a time.

Will you stand with me in Fractal Possibility – ???

5 thoughts on “NinaVerse: New Years Eve 2012 Edition

  1. I agree with Howard; why six? What if I can think of 10 one day and only 1 the next?

    Lemon: How could a lemon be better, molecular or not? I do not dig the heavy white skin which leaves more peel, less lemon. Is this where you are going? I am not into GMO will this be a hybrid or a genetic deal?

    Fractal possibility? Is there any other kind?

    HNYear J

  2. I may have to observe this journey. Why is it limited to only those who think of 6 impossible things before breakfast? Also, is that a better lemon or a more bitter lemon? Because if it is more bitter it becomes more plausible although the one molecule at a time is still worrying.

    Happy New Year.

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