Responding to Answering A Christian’s Response

Bible Warrioress – A Christian on Homosexuality

Skeptical Seeker – A Response

Random Ntrygg: – A Response

And Random Ntrygg’s Response to Skeptical Seeker

Freedom is the Distance between Church and State.

Religion in the hall of government tramples on the constitutional rights of everyone.

Because the US Constituation was for the individual to be the social unit of consequence with the freedom to take liberities with whatever makes you happy and to treat all citizens the same under the law.

That includes the right to form whatever family groups you want.

There were no footnotes in the foundational documents of America where there was a note that the social progress that the documents represented were full and final at the start.

In fact, the system was designed to increase the scope of the rights in step with social progress. But the problem is that the status quo resists change.

And religion resists change even more – because religion is the simplest answer to any question – and worse, religion doesn’t contemplate any answer other than the said religion.

So claiming to be an answer to every question, only means that you didn’t understand the question.

4 thoughts on “Responding to Answering A Christian’s Response

  1. Thanks, that makes more sense. I see my post as a kind of skeptical Bible study. Christianity and the Bible were big things in my life growing up, and I have retained my interest even after losing my belief in them. Thing is, usually when you see a Bible study it’s more from a devotional point of view, and I was more interested in picking it apart and seeing if it really says what people claim it says. And then there is the pure fasination of seeing how different the stuff reads to me now then it did when I was 13… As far as skeptics go I may be a bit odd in that respect.

  2. BTW, I agree with what you are saying here about religion and government, and this is the point I have been making. I’m just wondering: when you said you are answering me I took it to mean you were going to repond to something I said, but I don’t see that other then an agreement on the separation of church and state. Which is fine with me. I guess I was expecting more of an argument. 🙂

    • We’re both skeptics

      Your post was well thought out and solid response – but it was meant for religious eyes.

      I took what I saw in your post, and wrote it for Skeptic eyes.

      so less an answer response and more a reinterpretation

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