No Religious Test for Office

So if America is supposed to be a secular democracy

Why do you guys keep limiting your political choices to people who beleive they are being led by God into office?

Doesn’t that tell you upfront that they don’t understand either the law of the land or they think that the rules they live by supersedes the law of the land

In any case, you’re electing someone to be in a position to make and influence laws that they don’t understand, don’t respect and don’t have any intention of enforcing or working within.

Why would anyone want to elect a politician who thinks they are the new pope designate?

Because perhaps it’s time that there is a religious test for office – and the test is – if you can’t separate your religion as being a private belief for yourself from the secular civil laws of the land that must be equally applied in letter and spirit to all citizens – then you don’t get to run for office because you are not capable of navigating in a world that is more complex than your religion allows you to accept that it is – and believing in religion as a whole explanation of the universe; rather than taken in part as a inspiration to being the best person that you can be in the world – means that your universe is too small for most of the world to fit into.

We cannot think that we belong to the best group of people and everyone else needs to get with our program – because all religion is is a framework to understand the universe and every age of every religion, people make up the stories within the religion to inspire people within the limits possible at a given point in the religion’s and society’s history.

So religions that adhere to the original stories are not adapting or changing – in fact, they become separate from the rest of the world, existing like something in amber – passed down as a complete experience,but it’s just a frozen snapshot – devoid of substance and meaning by it’s removal from the world – and encased in something pleasing and shiny and easy to grasp.

And ultimately, it serves nothing because this kind of being in the world but not of the world – just means that there’s a whole part of the world that you are not able to participate in – and that’s too bad, because the world is a fun and amazing place.


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