#2 – As Prime Minister – Survival Assured

If elected as Prime Minister, I had said that my goal is to have Canada be the closest nation on earth to the Star Trek Federation.

I will revive “Mincome” a short lived one Manitoba town experiment in 1974 that yielded a number of successes and then was shelved and ended up in a number of boxes in the National Archives.

It’s time for Canadians to have the benefit of the social safety network that we pride ourselves on too well that we don’t notice how tattered and worn that net has become in some places from underfunding and mis-management.

Because in a land with as many resources as Canada – no one should be hungry or without hope.

It is in the interests of all Canadians to be assure that every citizen has their survival needs assured – eliminating abject poverty, eliminating the barriers preventing people from economic opportunity or inclusion – so that each person can determine their thrival level from their own talent, skills and interest level.

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