Notice to The Gov’t of Canaduh

  • We do not have to individually assert rights that we have collectively won or established in law.
  • Having to individually assert collective rights does not mean you are exercising your rights, it means you are defending against the encroachment and removal of said rights.
  • Respect is earned, not bestowed – and respect pertains to a given person’s actual conduct, not their words or their org chart position.

I said at the beginning to everyone:

I am in this for the long haul and only I know for how long and by what roads;

and here’s what no one understood:

Only I know who my helpers are and who my hindrances are.

Because then, people might have wondered:

what side does she think that I am on???

And then, people might give some pause and do the math:

8 Branches of 7 Federal Departments in 13 Years….

Because this is the question that the employer – TBS and my current assignment at Department 7 – doesn’t know to wonder about:

I am talking to you, now: PSAC.

Where did Nina start the race that is finishing with Department number 7…