Why I still have all of my Gold

Because something happened when I was 5 that didn’t happen to anyone else that I ever met.

Then, something similar happened when I was 12, and I got through it, because of what happened when I was 5 and I told two people about what happened: My Parents.

Because the important event that happened when I was 5 – wasn’t the event that I talked about – the important event happened after I told.

and that event was – my parents – believed me and more importantly, they took action.

So I never worried about the two child sex-murder predators that I got away from because they didn’t hurt me and more importantly, my parents did not hurt me – they believed me.

So what I learned about child sex murder predators was how to recognise one.

so when I met lesser predators, all they saw was the placid lamblike face that attracts predators

because there’s one thing that we all know about predators – they think that they are the Alpha and Omega – the beginning of your end.

and predators are very adept at reading faces and body language to understand what emotions are at play in their target – and they are good at reading emotions in body language, because they have no emotions of their own to get in the way of reading you.

like a book.

like a very short book.

like a children’s book.

a whole story in less than 26 words and only a dozen pages

Because there is one very important thing that you can learn about the cover of anything

is how much effort – from your experience – that it will take you to rip that cover right off and devour the contents of that book

so – if your conversation inside your head is All You All The Time

then you are a book without a cover

and any predator – of any kind – from murdering to mere manipulating

can reach in and rearrange your chapters and verses

in any way that suits whatever that predators purpose is

and everyone learns by their experience, what people look like

who mean them harm

because when you are ALL YOU ALL THE TIME – you know when someone is adoring you and when someone is resisting you

and if someone that you know is resisting you

and no matter how much effort you are putting in to overcome that resistance

you are having only one conversation – and that conversation contains only two words


And if you half of the conversation is “Yes”

Then you know, in your heart of heart, how many people are participating in that conversation.

All You All The Time