To the World – about the Book Exchange

I sent Jenny a book about the Mormon Group in Bountiful BC.

Jenny sent me: Letter from a Skeptic – a dialog between a man and his Dad.


Now, what made me stop on Jenny’s blog was that she wrote that she had only read 3 books.

I own a library in my home – 8 huge Ikea Bookcases.

Jenny won round one of the book Exchange – She Finished the Book that I sent her.

But I have not been able to finish the slender volume of 30 letters – a back and forth between a loving son and his loving Dad.

Because, when I read the first letters, in which these two Men told each other how much they loved each other and wanted to really talk about what mattered to them.

And those parts – about the family information – made me weep.

But the apologist portions – I couldn’t read – because – with all that love in the background and providing a context to understand the relationship between an estranged Father and Son……

I couldn’t handle all the lies that the son told his father – not about Christianity – I am nto an expert.

But about the lies the son told his father about how actual historians and actual science works – because…….

There is no academic or intellectually honesty in that book.

And I was bullied in my workplace – Federal Department 7 – by people who lied, diverted around truth and evaded any accountiblity or reality – to psychologically torture me.

I told everyone – when I was 5 – I told an adult pedophile to fuck off – and he got scared and left my family – except for the aunt he was dating – alone.

When I was 12, I told The Beast of British Columbia – that I had to leave, because my Mom was coming to get me – and he got scared and ran away from me.

So adult Nina – knows what predators and – liars – are the lowest form of predator.

So, I was really glad to know – that the Father of this story – told by his own son – died – BEFORE JENNY MAILED ME THIS BOOK

and I saw – all the lies and can’t read them – but, I was inspired – BY JENNY HERSELF – AND JENNY ALONE

because what I saw in the book – but more so in Jenny, in our private conversations…..of which, I shared my last letter – but not my final letter by any stretch……

Jenny – IF You know nothing else, please know – that you – way down south and far away from Canada – HELPED TO SAVE A LIFE.

My Life.

So Jenny, from all my heart – you won round one of the book exchange.

But I think, I might have gotten, the better end of the deal.

A letter to Jenny, who experiments with religion: SHARED

I know what book I want to send you next. It’s a novel – called Mister God, This is Anna by Fynn
It was given the book when I was 17 and my younger sister and I spent the summer working at a hotel on the highway just outside of Banff, Alberta.
I have bought many copies of this book over the years to give to people.
The story is about a young man in his 20’s who finds a young orphan girl – it’s set in England between the 2 world wars or just after WWII – I forget for the moment.
Fynn takes Anna under his wing and shows her how to understand the world by playing in it – and Anna understands the world – sort of like how Dakota Fanning was 8 but had the emotional presence of a 35 year old actress – Anna is wise beyond her years, but innocent.
Most people think that this book is a Christian story – but Mister God is about Anna’s relationship with God – and her god is not the god that lives in churches, but is waiting to be discovered everywhere in the world.
To my mind, the book is the essence of naturalism – because, if there is a god or supernatural agency at work in the universe (and I mean if in the sense of considering the possibility is true) then it makes sense that to understand such a being, we need to study what we understand is the truest creation – which is the universe and earth, as a whole – not limiting ourselves to what some men wrote about how they codified their relationship with their creator – because seriously, any texts are limited to the understanding of the world at the time they were written.
We know a lot about the world and the universe – more today than 50 years ago, more than 1000 years ago – so why put an artificial limit on your relationship with god and try to shoe horn it into what ancient people understood about and wanted from their god.
Take the texts as examples of the types of interactions – let’s even say for the sake of argument, that every story in the bible is true or has enough truth in it for the message and meaning to be true, even if the details are fuzzy or lost in translation.
God is eternal and smarter than humans – so God has to limit it’s interactions to occur within the scope of what humans at any given time can understand.
Thus, more stricter rules in the beginning and fewer rules towards the end.
The people who believed that what they wrote was the inspired word of God – was God talking to them to the limit of their ability to understand and then apply what was revealed to them into the context of their society at the time.
So the question is now – if god talks to people and inspired them to write those texts – perhaps there’s a reason why god stopped interacting with people in as obvious ways – and god now talks to people in different ways – and that’s why people compose symphonies and literature and make science discoveries – because humans have become smarter and more able to understand the way of god – who is revealing a new level of communication – because frankly, organized religion has gone off message – they’ve done crusades, genocides, systemic molesting of children, consolidating wealth and power into the hands of people who embezzle and commit adultery and generally try to hold back both social and scientific progress.
I think that if you want to understand God, then you won’t find him in imperfectly written, translated, edited texts that have been written down and managed the document – and what I know from working in offices is that if a document is central to understanding that it has to be what’s called a living document – it has to be able to absorb changes and new information, and be adaptive to new technology.
If you want to understand your God, I think need to look to his creation not the texts managed by men – earth and people and the Universe – and the study of creation or rather of nature is what science is – observing, experimenting, peer review and a built up body of work that we understand how we’ve learned what we know and we have a proven method for gathering and evaluating data and we put the patterns of the data into ideas and combine them into theories that provide a working definition of a huge mass of information – and as new information is gathered, it reinforces what the theory is (and a scientific theory is not a best guess – it’s a best answer based on what we know and probability mathematics) theories explain the patterns that we see as a way to do quality assurance that the theory is robust enough to incorporate new data or the theory is down graded when new data changes the entire understanding.
As for me, I want to tell you that I actually love you with all my heart because you have opened up a whole new understanding and possibility for me.
I never experienced religion as an adult – so I understood the concepts, but not the emotional resonance, the emotional satisfaction that belonging to a church community or the emotional satisfaction and comfort that belief brings to people.
But I have that emotional satisfaction and comfort of belief (meaning acceptance based in understanding and experience) in my life but I also have intellectual satisfaction – something that I don’t think people who think inside a religion have.
Because your experience of the world in this age of humanity, in your lifetime – the world you live in is very different from the bible world – although, the nations of the Bible haven’t seemed to change very much since those times – your understanding and experience of the world does not come from the bible – it comes from you living your life.
And you already know that the world we share is more complex and nuanced than the bible writers could have imagined – and this being the case, a lot of what’s in the bible is not relevant to moderan life. Most Christians ignore the old testament while that’s the part that Jews stick with and Islam is a rewrite of the same texts and put in a different social context.
These three religions – Judiasm, Christianity and Islam are called the Abrahamic Religions – a sort of trilogy covering the same material.
The other religions of the world – which more people of the world follow than those three combined – are based in very different traditions and very different understanding of the world.
But they all come down to the same basic lessons – be good, compassionate and honour creation.
So why get hung up and argue over the differences of ritual and ceremony and modes of worship if as the inter-faith committees claim, it’s all going back to the same god?
If that’s really the case, then the only conclusion is that the form or format of worship is less important to God than how you are in the world.
If that’s true, then keep what works for you personally and don’t get involved with the bits that you can consign to – that was an earlier and less enlightened time – slavery and inequality isn’t okay.
Now, I don’t mean to get political on you – but – I’ve spent the last five years on line, trying to figure out how to get to talk to a Christian in more than the Yes/No A/Theist debate and you are the first one in all that time and out of hundreds of Christians that I could really talk to and you have amazed me – because you are what people keep telling me what Christians are – but you’re the first one that I could believe all the good things about.
Because you shared not Christianity with me – because I already got that concept – you shared with me what it means to be Christian to you and that I didn’t understand before.
And more important you want to understand why people resist or refuse Christianity when it’s such a force of goodness in your life that you want to share it.
But you are taking the time to understand why people resist or refuse – and that’s what learning how other people have experienced Christianity does – it allows you to understand what it’s like for non-Christians to experience Christianity and when you learn that why – you will understand why we can very happily live without it – but that doesn’t mean that you have to you – it just means that you get to live with it in your life – but, be capable of interacting with people who don’t as being legally and socially equal to yourself without judgment of their lives – because as we recognize that you have the right to what you believe and think about the universe – so too are you recognizing that right and entitlement to believe and think what we want
And then the conversation is no longer who’s right and who’s wrong (aka Zero Sum) – but rather what you think and what I think, what’s in common and what’s different – and that’s an interest based conversation where right and wrong do not enter into it and the rules of our engagement are the rules of our society – secular civil democratic basis of interacting with each other – the way it’s supposed to be in society,
Not one group imposing their ideas over top of the law of the land or worse, instead of the law of the land.

I have been really really bad

I just realized that I haven’t told everyone – all the information that they need to know about me.

Because I started a contest – this past January – and it’s called:

Who Wants to Hire Nina?

The contest is between 1 Canadian and 35 Million or so other Canadians.

To decide if Hollywood (1 Canadian) OR Ottawa (35 Million Canadians) makes me a job offer.

And I have only been talking to that 1 Canadian in direct email and phone communication and I have been talking to all Canadians and the world on this blog.

So I need to show you – what Kind of Writer – I am – in Hollywood.

This is something that I emailed that One Canadian in LA – because she is not the only person in LA that I know.

So – this is me, talking about SOME of the feedback that I have gotten from a diversity of people – about my specific Movie Scripts – and these aren’t all the reviews OR all the scripts:

But, before I can – I need to show you, the kind of work that I have a demonstrated track record of:

Francis Ford Coppola Started Zoetrope to give writers a chance to have their work reviewed by their peers all over the world – so not ready for prime time writers could help each other up and out into the world (dot dot dot)

To post a script, you have to read and review 4.

·         In 2002, I posted 5 scripts, reading 4 scripts for each one – for a total minimum of 20 to earn each of 1 Post Credit for my 5 posted script.

as of 2006 – I had over 47 post credits and I stopped reviewing. I am still the Top Reviewer of the Whole of the Zoetrope site – that includes: writers, actors, directors and set design people.


FROM 2002:

These reviewers are men and women of Zoetrope – mostly American, some British/Scandinavian/European people, some Southeast Asian people and no Canadians.

Canadian Writers – heads full of CanCon Requirements- don’t like my scripts, they are too American but are all set in Canada, with a Canadian Sensibility and written by a passionate, politically aware, lesbian who is a bridge builder between worlds and who’s job one is: to make everyone else’s job easier.

Scripts were not Posted in order of how I wrote them, but rather, the order I needed to present them to attract an audience to Me – and that told me a whole other level of information:

I’d like to know what everything thought I learned by how I present the following:

2002 – Review Quotes for Completed Scripts,

now awaiting a 2012 final layer polish: The Heterosexual Audience Layer (“HAL”) that I have been holding back on,

(oh, and each paragraph under each title – is a new reviewer – I only separated by gender)

Geek World (boy goes to SF convention to lose his virginity and falls for a Dominatrix from the hotel’s other convention….)

Male Reviewers:

I think filming something like this, or watching something like this, would be like Moulin Rouge – which is just larger than life.

The plot held up without (needing) locations and the originality factor was … the sub-culture of sci-fi and roll playing people. (The scene) when Sandra is explaining to Steve about her bi-sexual fantasies … and the surprise he gets from her make-up kit. My only major suggestion is to add more fantasy sequences.

Really impressed me. Especially the D&D game. Something I have only limited knowledge about, yet got a clear understanding of the game play from your opening scene. A lot of the information you present is fairly arcane but I did not find that a big problem to the ‘flow’ of the story. Some of the sex (and/or would be sex) scenes seemed less a ‘coming-of-age’ film and more a ‘coming-to-perverge’ film.

Would I go to the theater to see this movie?: As I see it right now, yes. That could change with bad casting

Most of all, my specialty is actual screenplay format. So, I may be useless, because your format is almost flawless…. In conclusion, I really liked the screenplay. It had a good message behind it. Actually, it had a few good messages behind it. It may be a little too sexually oriented for the silver screen, but then again, what’s a movie without a butt plug.

Genre: documentary? F&SF? chick flick?

Hardcore sci-fi isn’t my scene, really, but I enjoyed the wacky atmosphere. There’ll be an audience (youngish, mostly) for this kind of piece. I think a sharper plot with more original twists would help this piece to stand out.

Best line ever from a Dominatrix: Hurting people’s feelings is fun to you? You’re sick little puppies.

Female Reviewers – None.


Coffee (A Guy, A Bi and a Baby Dyke – not your usual three way)

Male Reviewers

I found myself imagining songs that would be on the soundtrack album that goes with the finished film.

a story about a girl who’s sexual identity isn’t really confirmed (friends with) a guy that hits on anything with a heart beat, (but who) really cares for his female friend;  and a woman who finds fulfillment in using other people for her own selfish gain and uses her past as  “crutch”.

Boy. A lesbian love story set in the world of D&D players. You’re just pandering to the masses, aren’t you? (Coffee) avoids the pitfalls of many romances by putting real obstacles in their path. The relationship evolves and grows, and the resolution is unexpected, but appropriate.

I congratulate you on showing the lives of the nightowls–a group I belong to myself–the D&D, video arcade, RHPS, archaic saying, coffee shop partaking crowd. And the DM says “Fifty experience points to the writer”

Female Reviewers – none

A Gay in the Life of – After a Fatal Suburban Gay Bashing, the characters reexamine life and their specific life in adjusted life context

Male Reviewers

this SP can be given a great ‘dressing’ that will make it an outstanding study in human psychology. Individuals and groups (irrespective of their background, life-style or other preferences) all basically react along the same lines especially when their very existence is under threat. I hope that this, and other reviews from other ‘readers’ will be of use to you and hope to see future rewrites of “A Gay In The Life Of…” as well as “Harvest Killers”.

But in the flashback, Audrey comes off as really unique – a different person from the first 9 pages. I like her character much more here.

The characters are well-developed and 3 dimensional. The story moves along at decent pace. I felt I knew these people.

Female Reviewers

I have a feeling you won’t change a thing, judging by the righteousness of your tone, but then you’ll never get film made either, unless you have a couple of million dollars in savings.

I don’t know many lesbians, but I had a friend, Jona, in high school that had a falling out with her best friend. I knew it really hurt her. I found out later in college that she had “come out” and I always wondered if she might have been in love with that girl back in high school. What if Jona had tried to talk to her friend about her feelings and been rejected? That’s a feeling all of us can relate to.

You’ve taken a less-than-commercial story and given it legs. The framing of the story around a hate crime provides not only an effective introduction, but also makes for strong drama. Additionally, the depth of your knowledge of the subject through either research or personal experience made for strong believability. Characters seemed like real people.

The Weekender – 2 Walking Wounded Lesbians, 1 Bi-culture/curious and 1 Holly Golightly plan a 2 Day Weekend Celebration of Freindships – when one of them pulls out a surprise date right out of the forgotten past… (Stand Alone or Sequel to Coffee)

Male Reviewers

I think there’s a lot to praise in your writing. You really have a knack for capturing the jokey way friends speak to one another. I also think that, unlike most of the writers I’ve read on, your characters all have well-defined problems. I can’t tell you how important I think that is – because without it, there’s not much drama.

You should enter it into the MOONDANCE.COM contest. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out you’ve already optioned or sold it. It does also lend itself to being a stage play.

Female Reviewers

It had some of the feel of a comedy of errors play, even though your screenplay is a different genre, where one character goes in one door as the other comes in a different one – what with the musical beds and switching partners. Your characters were interesting and I found myself wanting to know them and their stories.


Flash Forward Project – 2004 – Actors perform a 60 minute version for a paying audience – 6 parts

Grace – Vancouver’s Coming of Age in 1964 –Moby Doll, The Beatles and through it all – there was Grace: painting music

 Male Reviewers

Grace’s character propels the story onwards by its sheer strength and here I was at a loss when she decides to break her current journey and go in search of her farmer, her destiny, so brusquely. In my opinion Grace acted out of character in the end. Her decision to drop all her dreams and settle for anonymity has to be forced on her by something more, something that shatters all her dreams.

It is a “CHICK FLICK” – lucky for you my wife has forced me to sit through many (ouch) and it has given me some perspective. People are going to hate your ending. Way too “real life” not quite “movie reality”. I liked it!

The main character is really rather vapid and unsympathetic…. Grace runs away from home and does her thing. Eventually, she sinks to a point where she doesn’t want to play the game anymore so she picks up her toys and goes home to marry a farmer and the evil stepfather who supported her all the way to the best of his ability is her friend again.

Glad you have producers interested in your script but I could not get into it.

I can tell that you have the entire film ready to go in your head. Your script sets up the scenes pretty well, even the music montages

How could I not like Grace? She was very intelligent at her age and experimental. That would have been common for a lot of people in that time era. She experienced things that I only felt and had vibes from as a child. My teachers gave me those vibes. I think some of them had experienced similar things. The drugs, the change because of the Vietnam war and their parents (post WW2) attitude. Grace and her family was expanded. Her birth father deleted. I like her mother and can see the concern Marcus and Danny had for her. Kenny almost frustrates you because he’s gay and she can’t have him sexually, yet she’s understanding and totally not judgmental. I have to praise Grace for trying to make it on her own in a time period when things were so family-oriented. But what family did Grace have? That was her motivation. Everything moved well. The beginning of the script when the fight was going on between Greg and the stepfather—-I don’t know if you should add some (OS) dialogue, because you hear a lot of the family saying be quiet. You only assume that they are yelling.  (This reviewer explained he was born in 1960 and was a child during this period – he didn’t know that I was born in 1968)

RE: Grace and Kenny talking about JFK: Grace says the only time she ever saw her mum cry is when JFK died. If I remember correctly, we all saw her mum cry when Father was beating the shit out of (brother) Gregor. It’s a little nit picky I know, but for some reason it rang false.

The premise (what would happen if a sheltered adolescent was suddenly alone in a big city in a hippy culture?) is a good one. If it has a problem here, it’s that Grace immediately finds a protected boarding house and school setting so isn’t alone.

Female Reviewers

Overall this was a very entertaining and touching story. Very ORIGINAL. It had many interesting aspects, particularly the abusive home life, the boarding house and all the colorful and unusual characters (LOVED Marcus and Danny), just adored Kenny – (I knew it wouldn’t happen but at the same time I kept hoping something would happen btwn he and Grace…argh….the tension! I love that whole unattainable love situation..always gets me). It was a really moving story. … you worked in the Ouija board … but while I bought the fact that ok, Grace has just suffered a traumatic rape, … I would have expected someone to at least be shocked and tell her she’s nuts to throw everything away on something a ouija board told her.

I’m stealing a few hours from painting my kitchen because time’s running out and I’m so late with this already! Apologies – I know you wanted comments quickly but this has been a manic month… I read this a few days ago and it’s been simmering in my head since then: It took me ages to realize that the heroine wasn’t gay and that she never was going to be! You have the bones of a great coming-of-age story here. It’s an exciting period to chronicle – so much was happening and there’s plenty of visual material to work with. I cared about her, even if I didn’t believe some of the stuff she did (being so blasé about sex, for example). Although she’s hungry for experience and packed full of bravado, I think that some part of her remains an insecure, small-town girl, unsure of how to handle herself in the world.


So those are reviews from 2002 – I rewrote and reposted and got new reviews from some of these same people and many many new ones – but I don’t want to overwhelm you – I just wanted to give you a taste of what kind of writer that I am

with one last review of a script that I wrote, specifically for the Disney Fellowship in 2004.

The Lost Countess

A Medieval peasant girl becomes a servant in a distant castle, only to discover, she’s just returned home…

The only Review that Mattered to me:

Just when I thought that I had you pegged, you turn up with a delightful story that only could be properly made by Walt Disney.

and here’s what the rest – without gender – said about The Lost Countess
I was very impressed with the character development and also with the realistic nature of the locations and surroundings.
you made me laugh and cry a lot

Of all the screenplays I read on zoetrope there is very little I can say have been written with a lot of care and belief in what they have done. I can say that your sp is of a rare origin