Book Review: Mister God, This is Anna by Fynn

Mister God, this is Anna

You can find it on the Christian section in any general bookstore

The Amazon description is: From the moment Anna and Fynn locked eyes, their times together were filled with delight and discovery. In her completely frank and honest way, Anna had an astonishing ability to ask–and answer–life’s largest questions, and to feel the purpose of being. You see, Anna had a very special friendship with Mr. God.

I read that book at 17 in 1985 – not knowing it was the same year the book was published – as it is set in England, following The Blitz.

And it does not – in any way – belong in the religious section of any bookstore – and is in fact, the Ultimate Science Fiction novel in which no aliens or starships appear.

Because while Anna – who’s 5 with a huge crush on her friend, Mister God – Fynn, the narrator character, is a young man – who found an orphan in the rubble of The Blitz and the whole world was recoiling from the horrors of inhumane possibility unchecked by logic or reason – but driven by religious zealotry with an assist from co-opted and misunderstood science – and thus, misapplied and misused science.

Because while Anna’s understanding of the world is that it’s all down to Mister God – what Fynn does is to tell the story science – and make it understandable to a 5 year old, who’s been abandoned in a cruel world, but who is sure, that Mister God is watching out for her

and, the first line of the book is:

Anna did not live to see her 6th birthday.

and Fynn teaches Anna all about how to understand the universe through play – with prisms to show how light separates and Anna becomes even more enchanted by Mister God – when she sees how much magic and wonder that he has hidden in the universe……that humans don’t, even now, have the ability to see and understand – at least, not at a quantum level…..

and Anna has to die – because, if she grew up, she’s know, she’d learn that Fynn had been teaching her pure science and she would have had to turn away from her special friend – Mister God – whom Anna was sure, was always watching over her.

and I thought, when I read it – at 17 – back in 1985 – that I was prepared for how – Anna dies.

I wasn’t – I screamed NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo

and hurled the book away from me and let it alone for a whole week, before I finally came to terms with – not the ending that I knew was coming – but the way – the horrible and pure way – that Anna does die – so that each of us – no matter what we beleive – can enjoy Anna’s playing with the universe in her quest to meet Mister God, face to face.

and I have bought many many copies of that book for people over the years

and it’s the one thing that I haven’t written that I most want to make into a movie

and not change a single thing about the book and especially, not the ending

Because I also want to produce – The Well of Loneliness – and that is an ending of a book not written by me – that absolutely MUST BE CHANGED for any Movie made in this century.

so – If you are like me – Don’t read anymore – because I am going to tell you now that you know that Anna does in fact die – and that her death is absolutely critical to understanding her relationship with her Mister God, who is not the god of any religion practised by anyone or at any time – Mister God was Anna’s alone:

Anna falls out of a tree she’s climbed too high in

wanting to get a little bit closer to Mister God

(you might want to stop reading now, it gets worse)

and she falls

(I am crying right now)

onto a metal fence,

(seriously, stop reading)


(I don’t think I can write anymore today and I was supposed to be writing the pilot for my TV Series – Beaus and Eros)
too loving and open to the universe

to live in this world

unmade by the adults and their wars

because they are all fighting for Mister God’s attention

and none of them, are paying attention to the children

Nature vs Nurture – a continuing conversation – in progress

that’s the problem in America though

religious nuts who keep saying that complexity is irreducible

and it’s not – not all all – the mathematics of Choas theory prove complexity changes at the quantum level – where all complexity patterns are reduced to simple chaos and possibility

and the problem has been – not the mass information and not the complexity of the apparent and varied patterns, depending on what patterns you can recognize, given any person’s education, intelligence, experience and ability to change and adapt to new information

but the simplistic, self serving manner in which people misinterpret the data to serve THEIR Purposes (ie: nazis, religious groups, non-secular democratic governments, special interest groups, and secular democratic governments who’ve been hijacked by these types of groups and have gone off message from their stated Bills or Charter of Rights…..)

instead of letting the data lead to conclusions – no matter how uncomfortable that truth may be – people are imposing their simple understanding of the world and rejecting the complexity as too hard – so cannot see that complexity is scalable, compactible, reproducible across many areas of study in fact – and all complexity can be reduced to simple truths – every easily when you are willing to comprehend – not just that there is complexity – but that said complexity is predictable, even as it varies, with variables in context and circumstances.

it’s that predictability that reduces complexity into simple truths –

Darwin’s cousin used math to quantify human being’s variation – body measurements – as what are the averages and the range of natural variation – and discovered “regression towards the mean” – a critical concept in evolution – that Darwin had yet to write about – and Darwin and many others – including Wallace of the famous Wallace Line – were all writing about.

That non-scientific groups co-opted this work to justify their simplistic hatred – is NOT a condemnation of the science – but in how humans corrupted it for evil purpose.

However – that Religious Groups – assert that they are for Love and Peace – all while Denying civil rights to minorities, while Genociding Heretics and Undesirables throughout history and into the current day – that’s all down to people and the beliefs that they hold that are not based in reason, logic or anything scientific –

NO MATTER WHAT SCIENCY SOUNDING WORDS CREATIONISM IS TARTED UP WITH – there is no such thing as “Creation Science” because a system that cannot make predictions – cannot create or test or prove or demonstrate – anything – creates nothing, proves nothing – and is no different from the religion that it sprang from –

Apologetics and Creationism are all about keeping unchurched Religious people within the religious flock – away from any real world logic or reason or understanding of the universe, this planet and being a good person who can work and play well with others.
evolution is random, it’s fits and starts, trial and error – without any direction or artificial selection – things are born, they experience life, their experience turns their genes off and on – and they pass down genes to their offspring – and in between offspring – the parents’ genes are turn off and one – giving each individual offspring – a slightly different code within a common child rearing experience –

which is why, it is so difficult to determine – what part is nature and what part is nurture – because genes, are turned off and on by many things over the generations and over each person’s lifetime of experience of the world – and each of us – is a bead, on a string – in front of every single direct line ancestor behind us and behind every direct line descendant in front of us.

and each “family” string is interconnected, like a spider web – to many other strings and in many other ways…..

and what humans try to impose on each other – is entirely artificial

so the only possible truth that can be demonstrated – is the cruelty of human stupidity – supported by the arrogant belief – that only their preferred kind of human is divine or worse, socially acceptable

while supppressing all human achievement to bettering our understanding of the universe and everything in it – and proving, it’s all random at the quantum level – and we do not yet have the scientific knowledge – to understand that level – so have come to no scientific conclusions – and can’t

about whether it’s nature or nurture

on the cosmic scale – but we’ve learned enough to know – how nature and nurture – plays out in people

and there’s nothing divine about one group asserting divine will over any other group – when their divinity is the bliss of ignorance.