Communication Problem solved by Physics

In communication theory – we contemplate two kinds of conversation:

zero sum vs interest based

Zero sum is 1 winner and 1 loser expressed as a score of  1 vs 0

and the problem that I see in the world is that the world is compromised of people all locked in zero sum conversation – because if your interest is not being considered – guess what, you’re in a zero sum conversation and you are loosing.

So in a work of Jocks vs Smock; where smocks could be artists or science geeks

We rarely consider the problem of Smocks vs Lab Coats – because stories are told to comisserate over the shared meanness of Jocks and Mean Girls that is directed to us smock folks – be they creative or labratory smocks.

So we never see stories about Smocks vs lab coats.

And I am that rare hybrid smock/lab coat – so you can imagine the raging fights between the flights of fancy and the mathematical calculator of force, magnitude, vectors and so on that go on in just my head.

Smocks and lab coats have an uneasy relationship – smocks wanting Audio-Video support and lab coats quantifying creativity as mental disorder……

so – I want to offer something that is uniquely my own – me being a smock./lab coat hybrid who is firmly anti-Jock and Mean Girl – but also – since I am a naturalist – in the political world of Hats vs Feathers – I am a naturalist – so am on the side of the feathers – because feathers are all about nature and science is the study of nature – so science is also on the side of the feathers – especially the environmental and climate change science is on the side of the feathers – and not the hats of construction, resource extraction or the captain of industry hats who deem the wealth of the earth to be their private bank and gold reserve….

So I am anti: Jocks, Mean Girls and GOPS – and on the side of Feathers, Smocks and Nature.

and I have solved the problem of zero-sum conversations – and I did it with quantum physics:

Interest Based means compromise and as a Canadian, I know that a good compromise leaves both parties equally unhappy.

Zero-Sum means 1 winner and 1 loser.

but a Quantum solution – or a Quantum Sum Conversation:

A quantum possibility means “zero and one” in the same place and at the same time, in normal computers – it’s binary – zero or one in one place and the next place can be zero or one…… quantum means either is possible in the one place at the same time – but we can’t know which it is – because the observer taints whatever they observe – a truism in science that hold true to the quantum level.

Quantum is uncertainty.

Quantum sum conversations are  “Zero, One” and/or  “Zero, One”

and is expressed as a score possibility range

“1 vs 0”  or “ 0 vs 1” or “0 vs 0” or “1 vs 1”

and it’s by shifting zero sum conversations to interest based conversations – that zero sum becomes quantum sum – and possibility is quantum mechanics a specialty area of physics.

A field where traditionally, the proponents are not able to clearly communicate with people who don’t understand science concepts and people who are creative and capable communicators in the arts, generally don’t communicate well with science proponents who generally look at the arts community as emotional and mentally disordered, while the arts looks at the science community as lacking in interpersonal skills and who do not generally physically present themselves as socially or professionally capable, given the unshaven and uncombed wild eyed, 7 copies of the same suit did you get dressed in the dark or was that your intentionally look – because artistic people can’t understand that substance is nothing when theory is everything.

so while quantum physics can explain the problem of zero sum vs interest based communication

we are still stuck in zero-sum conversations – as long as there are Jocks, Mean Girls and GOPs who have no interest but self interest.

So I have to wonder, given all we know about behavioral psychology – why it is that community and audience and public good oriented people in arts and sciences are deemed mentally disordered – when, given that humans are social animals whether you subscribe to the herd or pack mentality

when it’s self-centered and self-serving Jocks, GOPs, and Mean Girls who are the outlier outlaw loners – who really shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near weapons of mass destruction or with the ability to cause mass destruction on a political, economic or social scale – because we’ve seen what crazy lone gunmen can do.

And Jocks, GOPs and Mean Girls – they are more dangerous than lone gunmen, because they tend to have toadies, minions and hench people to carry out their selfishly evil plans.



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