Stephen Harper Owes Nina Tryggvason $50 Campaign

Hi Dear Readers –

I know that some of you might want to do more than just send an email to the Prime Minister of Canada.

So I have asked an actual friend of mine – his name is Trevor and he is a self employed graphic designer who is helping with a Graphic Novel – he is a graphic designer by trade and an illustrator/painter by heart.

I asked Trevor to design a postcard for my $50 Dollars from Harper Quest/Outrageous Self Help Project


if you are willing to maybe hand some out – Trevor – as the Prince of Colour – is standing by to accept orders for postcards.

If you mention my name – well, you kind of have to so he knows which postcards that you would like to order – he promised me to give everyone a good rate and deal to support me – and he will probably give you a good rate if you ask him to design or have printed something for you – he ships worldwide and does very good design work.

Personal Testimonial: I had him design me a business card for this very blog that I could hand out – when I went to Alaska on the Skeptics Conference Cruise – and they went over big – so I expect that other bloggers will eventually figure out to make business cards to give to people they meet to bring more traffic to their blogs……

Professional Testimonial: When I organized the Flash Forward workshop for Women in Film – I hired The Prince of Colour to do all the print design work – so when I organized Flash Foward in 2009 – with Yvette and without Women in Film in Vancouver – we hired The Prince of Colour to do all the print design work – and it was a whole lot better – because when you know that the person who you are contracting work to appreciates and respects your work – it becomes so amazing that even the Professional Industry Guest Speakers wanted a copy of the Flash Forward Manual and they only saw the cover!

He’s a professional designer and my personal friend – I met Trevor through his wife – Vancouver’s own

Yvette Dudley-Neuman

(IMDB page link above and demo reels via the photo)

But – don’t take my word about Trevor – the Prince of Colour – he even tells people on his website not to take his word – so he asked his Mom to give her word:

and to explain exactly why I am promoting The Prince of Colour

It’s because I am writing a tv show and Yvette is going to be on it – so that’s what that Flash Forward workshop creates – teams of people who support each other’s careers – and when you are also friends with people from Flash Foward

you support each other – in all areas of life

This Blog Project

Hi readers.

Just wanted to let you know that this week is going to be hectic for me.

I have some writing to do for a Television Project that I have been developing.

I started this blog 3 years ago – and the original blog was about being accountable to do a garden project and I wasn’t going to dig and sift dirt for me.

So I started blogging to be accountable to something – and over time, the blog changed from it’s gardening audience to much much more.

So much more, that I have spun off some of the themes that were on this blog to my other blogs.

And this blog – remains a project blog.

Sometimes it’s a specific project blog – like gardening – but all the time, the project that this blog was about was me.

Because I experienced a psychotic or cognitive or some kind of mental breakdown on June 10, 2010. I know what doctors have told me that event was – but they are all wrong.

Because I lost my ability to communicate – so I could not explain to the doctors or anyone – what had happened to me.

And I did not think to phone the one person who would know what happened to me – until November 2011. And I’ve been in communication constantly with that person ever since. But she doesn’t read my blog – so enough about her.

This blog is for the people who read my blog. You. Whoever and where ever you are in the world – if you are reading my words – then my blog is a message to you.

I write – you respond – and you agree or you don’t and you comment or you don’t.

This blog is just between me – and the one person that is reading – and there is only one of me – but there’s 80+ yous who get my blog delivered to your email and there’s about 100 – 120 of you a day.

I have no idea how much or how little overlap there is.


So dearest readers – my favorite people of the whole world

I will not be blogging much for the balance of February 2012 – because – I solved my inability to communicate on December 31, 2011.

When I recovered from a traumatic event of a kind that most people do not recover from.

That my particular trauma event – workplace bullying – was an exceptionally extreme example – is neither here nor there. I am not at work – I am at home on employee benefits – safe from bullies because my family – which I have five families:

  1. My Lesbian Partner and our two dogs and one remaining cat is my family – we live in Canada – so we are also legally married.
  2. My Tryggvason Family and my Bailuk Family – which is hinged on my birth family that brought these two extended families into being as the village family that I was born to and raised by.
  3. My Chosen Family – my personal friends.
  4. My Close Family – my professional and personal acquaintances.
  5. My Family – the whole world of humanity – some of which like me and some of which don’t like me – but most of whom do so without knowing me at all


So – I am at home, being protected and in recovery from the safety of my first and second families – and with periodic assistance from the 3rd and 4th families.

I was bullied at work and I complained about 7 people, several levels of management that failed to carry out the legal mandate of the workplace – as described transparently in Treasury Board Policy and accountability means that Managers are bound by the policy and are not entitled to invoke whatever “Manager’s Privilege” is and blatantly ignore policy in favour of whatever their private or political agenda is.

I read all the Treasury Board Policy and I read all the legislation that is the framework for said policy.

Government is transparent and accountable already by the stated legislation and policy that explains how to enact the legislation.

There is no room for personal or political reinterpretation of policy.

Because it’s when managers go off policy that the system breaks down and becomes non-transparent as mud and utterly lacking in accountability.

So – this, dear readers – is where you come in.

Because I have a request – for you to help protect me and keep me safe from ever being bullied again.

Because I complained about being bullied in the workplace – and I work for the Canadian Government – which is basically the only non-Scandivian country that the UN regularly tells the world – is a great place to live.

and most of the time, Canada is the greatest place to live – because Canada is one of the geographically largest nations but we have one of the smallest populations of any G20 nation of a comparable geographic size.

The reason we can all get along so well is that Canadians have a psychological mile of space – population over geography.

And as people, we like to have 2 feet of personal space – between any two of us – so that means – 4 feet of space if we were sitting face to face.

And what that physical space does – is that it changes the kind of conversation that those two people have.

So we can give each other – space – in the conversation – and when Canadians talk to each other – we are exchanging information.

We are not watching the other person to see when their lips stop moving so we know it’s our turn again.

So I don’t know – where my dearest readers live – or what are the types of conversations you have with your fellow citizens.

But I have always been a happy person – and anyone who doesn’t like me – doesn’t like me for reasons that have to do with them and whatever they tell themselves about me – based in their beliefs and assumptions for the first part.

And how I react to them in the second part.

So, if I can tell whether a person likes me or not – and whether do they is up to them.

But, if someone who doesn’t like me – treats me like they don’t like me – before they have even given me a chance to get to know them as a person  – then I am not putting in energy to get them to like me.

Because I am not interested in changing anyone’s mind – I literally do not care if you like me or not – as a person.

But if they cannot contain their dislike of me as a person – and they treat me differently than they treat the other people who are in the same environment – be it a work or volunteer or social setting – then…..

well, let’s just say that I treat people in kind to how they treat me.

So if anyone who has ever met me in person – and who had the feeling that I didn’t think very well or much of them – now you know for sure – I didn’t think of you as anything.

But don’t flatter yourself to think that I put time or energy or thought into not liking you.

Because there’s no point to wasting energy or time in not liking specific people – given how generally unlikable people collectively are.

Energy and Time are what are most valuable in life – because we can only know that we have this one life.

IF there’s something more – great – deal with that after you die.

But in the meantime, make the most of your most precious resource – time and your energy/ability – to enjoy said time.

Make the most of your life – and don’t waste it because other people are small and mean and unlikable.

Because the individual is not just the social unit of consequence with the freedom to take liberties with whatever makes them happy.

The only individual who should matter to any given individual is said specific individual.

It really doesn’t matter who has what or how much or why or where.

It’s not anyone else’s concern what other people have or do.


Unless it impacts you personally in some way.

If other people don’t impact you – then leave them to manage their own lives.

If you are being personally impacted – then figure out if it’s something to do with you or something that someone somewhere is doing something that does negatively impact you.

Like for example – gay marriage.

Most G20 countries have made legal recognition of couples – straight or gay – the legalized norm of their societies.

and look – the world didn’t end and straight people in those countries didn’t stop getting married or divorce rates any higher.

So if you are opposed to gay marriage, then don’t marry a person of your same gender.

Problem solved as far as it relates to you who are against gay marriage.

But whether marriage will provide legal protection for gays and lesbians – we don’t need permission or paper to be as married to each other as any couple with a piece of paper.

So withhold that piece of paper won’t stop gays and lesbians from pairing up and raising children if that’s what they want to do.

And I don’t see how anyone can claim any part of family values – when they want to limit families to one kind of family.

Gay people happen in all families – so when a religious person says that family values are for straight people alone.


I’d really like those religious people to think – about how many children of Republican families are gay.

and what that is saying to the children of your preferred family structure – and think about why the divorce rate is so high.

People are quitting Republican Family Values – because Norman Rockwell was an illustrator – not a documentarian or legislator – of an idealized fictional reality.

And the Republican Party has a serious problem – the Mormon guy just might be the best guy for the job – because even the base can’t agree on the right kind of crazy christian – and the base is going crazy berserk over the guy who’s president and leader of the Democratic party.

Because he looks black.

But, he’s only half black because he’s half white.

and this whole a person is black if they have one black grandparent – it’s really stupid – because all humans came from Africa – and not liking black people – no matter how much or how little blackness is in their genetics – is is exactly like hating your own grandmother – whatever she looks like.

The first modern humans were all black – and they looked like the African people of Africa today looked like – it was only because some humans moves to other climates and their bodies adapted to the amount of sunlight by altering the pigments in the skin that we started to not look alike – and the rest of the differences are down to sexual preferences determined by the regional or geographic cultural values – not even as deep as skin deep changes.

and one person’s sexual preference are their business alone, unless you are invited to join them for some sex – and until you are – you do not get to have any opinion about sex that you are not invited to participate in.

and there’s an Elvis song that’s really relevant – and this internet mash up – is the specific version that people need to pay attention to.

Because here’s what you might not be aware of if you are not an Elvis fan.

What was socially dangerous about Elvis was not his pelvis.

What was socially dangerous about Elvis is that he did not see himself, a white man, as being any better than any black man – because Elvis grew up rurally poor alongside rurally poor black people.

So I am going to say something now that many people will probably not agree with – and I am saying this as a Canadian – and as a Canadian peacekeeper who happens to be a lot of other things. So this is just Canadian Nina talking:

Black people are looked down on in American society – no matter what social level they achieve by accident of birth or by their own hard work and talent.

White Southerners are looked down on in American society – no matter what social level they achieve by accident of birth or by their own hard work and talent.

So ask yourself – who is not looked down upon in American Society?

White Northerners.

So there is no reason for Black People and Southern White People to look down on each other – because the in-fighting only serves the interests of white northerners – and the white northerners who benefit the most are in California and New York – the coastal states – because that’s where new migrants move to – to avoid all the American in fighting.

Migrants have fled nations that are torn apart by constant civil war – and that’s what we call what happens in nations that genocides, disaster displaced people and violent social upheaval.

So no one who migrates to the American states – is moving to a state where there’s civil strife between socially stable – but contentious class warfare.

Frankly – you homogenous Zero-Sum States of America – you have no idea how much good stuff you are missing out on – because you are unwilling to work and play well with people who look differently than you do.

Because humans are social animals, it’s all about being adaptive and flexible and mixing it up – genetically or otherwise.

There is less than 1% genetic difference between any two people – no matter where they are from – so between me and each and every person reading this – less than 1% difference between you and me.

So – when there’s that little difference between our bodies and brains – then that one person is comprise of:

physical appearance

cultural difference

So – we have limited ways to alter our appearance and no actual need to do so.

Leaving only cultural differences and there no reason to fear difference.

If you embrace it – be a multi-cultural mosaic like Canada and not a melting pot lowest common denominator like America.

Because when you get fusion – good things happen.

I invented a whole new cuisine of food for the TV show – gosh – man, I got off topic – I sat down to tell everyone that I came up with a TV show idea in November – and I called a Movie Producer in Hollywood and when I told her the show idea and told her about my blogs and the stuff that I was doing to advance my project –

now, you have to understand – I’ve know this producer for many years – I took a course that she taught called Flash Forward in 1996 – and I organized that course in Vancouver from 2001 to 2007 – and watched her teach about 700 or so people – what I learned in 1996 – only they got a different course than I got.

Because – well, there’s a secret about the course – and it’s not my course – so it’s not my secret to tell. But I will tell you this – the course as taught in America is the same course that was taught in Canada.

But how people understand the course – depends on many things – and the most important thing is whether they were American or Canadian.

Now I am a Canadian – so I can tell you this much – the course is about Project Management – and the only project is You.

Anything more – and – well, the agreement when you organize the course is that you do not duplicate or teach what the course teaches – so if you want to learn how I know what I know – you’re going to have to see if the Flash Forward course is being taught in your area.

But I am hoping that Suzanne Lyons will be too busy – because – well

I won’t be blogging much this week – because I have a business plan and a pilot script to write and I have to plan out 7 Seasons of my tv show and draft 22 episode beat sheets – by February 29.

And I am the kind of writer who only needs an hour and a half to write a 45 page script – because ….

well, everything that’s going to be in this show – I have been working out over the last three years – on this blog.

After I stopped being able to communicate – and whatever event that happened in my brain on June 10, 2010 – healed on February 6, 2012.

Now – I am not recovered – I have a lot of emotional trauma to resolve and a lot of behavioural problems that need to be isolated and purged from my person.

And part of what’s hindering me is worrying about when I recover – about going back to the same workplace that caused the traumatic event which was only one event in a span of 3 years.

So – I am asking the world to help me now -and I don’t think that I have to explain this request – but if you think it’s weird – then – just click on previous and read the blog – from end to beginning or beginning to end – and you’ll understand – when you decide – which way is more horrifying:




clarification for Non-Canadians:

Stephen Harper is the Transparency and accountable Prime Minister of Canada

so, in terms of American Presidents, he is Bush II or in UK terminology of Prime Minster – think of W as Bush the Lesser or Margaret Thatcher

And it’s Harper’s kind of transparent accountability – and his micromanaging and dislike of the civil service, the justice system and parliament and some Canadians and Quebec, and the Maritimes and the northern Territories and most of the Prairies and Ontario and British Columbia and the Canadian Charter of Rights…..

well, let’s just say – that getting your emails telling him that he owes me – Nina Tryggvason $50 – that he’ll get to understand – exactly – what his kind of transparency accountability causes when managers assert personal privilege over policy. Managers who are just like Mr. Harper.

Because the managers who bullied me – thought that they could stop me within the department.

And they didn’t think that I was as smart as them, because they are managers and I am just another snivel civic employee parasite on the taxpayers of Canada –

because management is not the only problem in the civil service – the other half of the problem is the Union – and the union is why Canadians don’t like the civil service – so Canadians don’t really like civil service employees either.

So it’s hard to do your best in a job when the clients don’t like you and the employer doesn’t like you and the union is more interested in hammering management and management is more interested in hammering employees…..

and everyone is getting nailed or nailing someone and no one is having a good time or getting kissed on the mouth.

Hammers and nails, is what everyone at Department 7 was.

But I told everyone, I was not an employee of any Department – I was a Treasury Board Employee – and I am not a hammer and I am not a nail.

I told people that I was a screw and now I have a screw loose.

I worked for 13 years across 8 Branches of 7 Departments when most civil service employees are hired in and retire from one Department – and most of those are hired and retire from the same job – that only changes when technology changes and employees are forced to learn new work methods or become obstacles to progress to be gotten around or avoided.

I filed a grievance in Department 1 – and the union protected me to the limit that they ensured that I was moved from the work unit where the problem was and moved to another branch – 2 branches in 1 Department.

Departments 2 to 7 – I worked in one job at each department.

But Departments 2 to 6 – there were hammer managers and there were screwdriver managers.

Hammer managers are ones who see every problem as a nail and there is only one thing to do to a nail. Hammertime.

Screwdriver managers are ones who know how to delegate and coordinate workers to play to strengths and balance weaknesses across the team comprised of indiviuals.

Screwdriver managers can assign nail employees to do specific work and they can deploy screw employees to – well – pull things together in a more secure way that is more meaning than just nailing things together….

But I am a person – my employee style is as a screw – but really – I am not an employee – I am a manager who is playing being an employee.

And I told very hammer and nail in many ways – I can do your job better than you can and I bet you $50 right now.

So there’s a lot of people in the civil service who owe me $50.

But I only want to collect from Mr Harper. So I need some help to get my message to Mr Harper.

Will you Help Me? If no – then thank you for your consideration.

If yes –


and isn’t that kinda the American dream – that anyone can grow up to be President.

so shouldn’t we make sure that the person who is President or Prime Minister – deserve to be the leader of the nation – all the nation and not just the few people that they like or who look like them.