Lez Flirt

Now, with all the political upheavals and all the zero sum trying to control women’s vaginas….

There’s something that I want to say to each and every single Heterosexual Woman out there on the internet who have showed their boobs or just showed off their boobs.


For Bis and Gals of all genders


Women of the world and in the blogoshpere:

If you aren’t being flirted with – at least as good as Lesbian Flirting 101


And, if you are being flirted with, at least as good as LezFlirt 101

Then, maybe you should take a look at Lesbian Flirting 201


Heterosexual Vaginas Monolog while Lesbian Vaginas Dialog


and ladies, I am not flirting with anyone, because I am a very happily married lesbian, because I live in Canada, where gays were legally deemed common law in 2000 and legal marriage became the law…

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Copied from Step on a Crack

I believe in Fate.

I believe that my God puts me where I need to be,

when I need to be there.


I believe in Fate.

I believe that my God puts me where I need to be, when I need to be there.

My mother was not a good mother.  I believe that Fate brought us together.


Don’t know;


I believe in Fate.

I believer that Fate had a path laid out in the Fall of 1979.

Fate led me to a dorm room and there I met Mel.

Mel is not like the others.

Mel goes her own way.

Over years together we walked a path laid out by Fate.

We shared our Truth and we bonded.

My mother died  November 30th.

Mel’s mother died  March 14th.

I was there for my mother at her death.

Mel was there for her mother at her death.

The pain they caused us in their lifetimes is incalculable.

Mel has written Beautifully about the complicated grief

of losing a mother who wasn’t there for you.

Mel put it this way:

“We’re tip-toeing over the cracks now … may they have peace”

‘step on a crack and break your mother’s back….’

Not to worry.

They are gone.

Yes.Peace to them on their journey.

Peace to us on ours.


I believe in Fate, Darlin’.


I believe in You.

Love, Jen

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For a very long time I have been a faithful and loyal (if sometimes absent) customer of Bath & Bodyworks.  Ever since I was in high school I have loved wandering into their fragrant space and reveling in the joy of the new fragrances.  I would go in and buy some things (usually during the semi annual sale) and take them home and love love love them for about half a bottle…then ennui would set in and sadly I would lose my interest in the scent.  Now it is true, there have been some that have had lasting power.  Freesia was one of my favorites.  Twilight Woods, Secret Wonderland, Dark Kiss and Warm Vanilla Sugar are also high ranking with me.  Country Apple was my all time favorite but alas, they discontinued it.

Over the years I have amassed a large collection of scents that I thought would be wonderful…

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A Religious Experiment

There are good moral atheists…There are good moral Christians…There are bad atheists…and bad Christians…Atheists truly believe there is no god…Christians truly believe there is a God…Atheists are offended by you telling them they are going to Hell…Christians are offended by you telling them they believe because they are lacking intelligence…
Offensive………………and Offensive.

Christians are jerks when they celebrate the death of someone they don’t agree with…as are atheists…We all at some point in our lives doubt our belief or lack of belief.

We are not so different, so what sets us apart? There has to be something, after all, we are told to be set apart.

How do I show someone that what I believe is real?

LOVE the unlovable, or whoever is unlovable to you. It definitely takes the existence of a God to love some people, so prove that you have that power within you. If you disagree…

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