Towards Wellness – Putting myself out there into the world. Well, Facebook World

8 thoughts on “Towards Wellness – Putting myself out there into the world. Well, Facebook World

    • They are pushy in their need for validation more often than not.

      It’s why I tell all my straight women friends to go geek early.

      Alpha males are too alpha.

      Charlie Males are adorable. and they adore women.

        • I don’t know. I have never dated a geek girl before.

          Girls can certainly break your heart on levels that boys can;t imagine.

          There’s a Canadian documentary called Forbidden Love – the herstory of Lesbians in Canada.

          One gal talked about the pain of divorcing her husband. it was an icky divorce, there were children to fight over.

          But then she said, I felt bad because I lost him.

          When I was dumped by my first girlfriend, I felt like I lost a part of myself.

          I don’t relate to that, but I intellectually understand what she means.

          I was hurt early on and never really gave my heart to anyone to that degree again. So..moving on and looking forward to the future.

          and it’s been a long time since I cared about that.
          having a future I mean.

          I was just content to let it unfold

          but I think being proactive and hopeful is better

          • It is. It sucks and it can hurt at times but it is better to be an active part in planning that future than to lay back and let the world do whatever it wants to you. That hurts even more and feels worse.

            And I totally know what she means about having lost a part of herself. I had that happen to me once. He was my everything. It has been hard letting my relationship with my husband get that deep…it has but it has been a struggle of breaking down walls.

  1. Nina,

    This reminds me of Monty Python… “Oh come see the violence inherrant in the system!” Help! Help! I’m being repressed”

    Your comments are, as usual, insightful and I still very much agree with you. This Joseph Cardwell….well, I think he may be a bot.

    • Recently, I realized something:

      Heterosexual Vaginas Monolog
      Lesbian Vagina Dialog

      Most Boys do not know about give and take or back and forth.

      I really feel badly for straight women.

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