Beliefs worth dying for

.Show me an atheist who has died their beliefs recently…. well there’s your problem

not having fanatical beliefs means you never have to die for them

life and quality thereof is the concern for atheists

not beliefs with no basis in reality

why should any thinking person want to die over what amount to fairy tales?

or worse, kill another person or genocide an entire group of them?

because of a book that you cannot read in it’s original language from a culture that no longer exists and never looked like the image people have in their heads, that have been edited by committees over the centuries to be updated to ensure the most recently identified social minorities are the ones to be hated above all others?


well with the except of the cherry pickers who only pick that parts that make them feel liberal and nice while they claim to be the true representative of the faith who’s blood soaked history they conveniently delegate to human nature and blame on transitive science and technology – you know the things that make quality and quantity of life possible?

People or Chattel Lambs for Slaughter

closed communities or secretive ghettoized cultures

where polygamy is occuring under the legal radar is harmful to any member of the given community who have no ability to make their own decisions, but the decisions are made by elders or parents on your behalf or you as a pawn in their interests – say creating family alliances

yes, most cultures have had polygamy because might made right and the world was designed by warlords – he who has the gold rules

we don’t live like that in secular democratic nations

so it doesn’t matter what the traditions used to be in the old country – this is a new country where the individual is the social unit of consequence,

not family clans or tribes or warlord dynasties

by removing a person’s choice, you are reducing them to chattel, subhuman

and when you view people as subhuman, then, there is nothing that you won’t do to them

lambs are for slaughter

given that the source of the concept
Nietzsche, suffered a mental collapse.
after seeing a horse being whipped in the street

sometimes what does not kill us
leaves us walking wounded

it really depends on your resilience
internal fortitude and experience
and the quality of your support system

I think of the number of veterans that make up the homeless population
and my heart just aches and cracks a little bit

Source of Inspiration

Sometimes we have to lose
everything and hit the
bottom of despair before
we can wake up to the
destructive patterns in
our life.

How dark is that hole filled
with the slime of our fears and
hatreds. Like a slug, we slither
up the wall and then slide back
down again.

The dark nights of the soul can
revisit us, bringing another
lesson each time. When you see
your world crumbling, stop and
ask yourself, “What am I supposed to
learn here?” Look at your relationships
at work, home, and every day encounters.
Are there patterns of how other people
act, for they often mirror what we
need to see in ourselves, i.e., our
fears, prejudices, and judgments.

Be grateful for these times for they always
offer rich opportunities to grow. Life
is a school; lessons are difficult, the
reward is an eternity of peace and love.

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