Elvis died of a broken heart

Before Elvis, no one had heard of being a Rock Star – now everyone wants to be one. So why is Elvis the only rock star who is punished for dying young at only 42 of a broken heart, bullied out of achieving his dreams and misusing prescription drugs and self medicating with food to replace the loss of love in his life?

Before Elvis no one had heard of a Rock Star – now everyone wants to be one.

Rest in Peace Elvis – You will always be the King – your legacy is unsurpassed!

This is the definitive collection: all 711 master recordings as released during Elvis’ lifetime, mastered from the original analog master tapes where available. Each recording has been carefully restored to achieve the best sound reproduction ever without compromising the audio quality of the original master.

The collection also contains 103 additional rare recordings and a 240-page hardbound book featuring an annotated discography, original album artwork, rare and classic photos, a complete song index and an essay by Peter Guralnick. Housed in a beautiful, display case, THE COMPLETE ELVIS PRESLEY MASTERS is an indispensable piece of music history and the one collection no true connoisseur should be without.

Sexuality and Relationships: A Book List

and the most important one is the one I will link to: