Source of Inspiration

Today, scientists say that each segment
of life is a complete copy of the whole.
Like the leaflets that compose the fern
in perfect duplication of the whole, the
hologram of life is composed of interconnected
parts complete within themselves and
intricately connected to the whole. The matrix,
which fills all space, creates a web in which
all creation exists.

How we think and act has far reaching effects;
the actions of others ripple back to us
as well. This interplay can be subtle or
in-your-face power packed. We can no longer
afford to think of ourselves in disconnected
segments, for in the most interwoven of ways,
we are constantly manifesting the concept that
All is One. Ponder this as if your life depended
on it for it does!


For more information on holograms, go to:

HowStuffWorks “How Holograms Work”

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