Titanic was the worst maritime disaster not a romance movie

Original actual film of the Titanic

still design flaws!


5 thoughts on “Titanic was the worst maritime disaster not a romance movie

    • I would watch the fan edit known as “The Man Edit” for the special effects.
      James Cameron’s best movie was Terminator.

      Titanic is offensive to my sensibilities to use the Titanic disaster
      to heighten the emotional value of an improbable romance with fake obstacles.

      it’s too manipulative and crappy writing to my mind.

      I also loath Terms of Endearment for using Cancer as a emotional manipulation to create sympathy for Debra Winger’s character, who I found despicable and unsympathetic.

      I hate bad and lazy writing.

      • I agree with your assessment of the Titanic film. Terminator 2: Judgement Day was a quintessential action film.True Lies had it’s moments, but I’ll always be a Aliens man.
        I’m not emotionally manipulative, but if you hate bad/lazy writing avoid my blog at all costs!

        • I am all for lazy – worker smarter, not harder

          It’s why I blog screenshots of what I get up to on facebook instead of typing out essays!

          • I mean more like that Twilight writer who bragged about not researching Vampires

            like just pay attention to popular culture – and don’t plagerize the TV show Roswell

            and just make the aliens into vampires

            because that is what she did

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