Genocide by any other name smells as terrifying

The War on Terror is nothing less than Crusades 2.0

A Million Statistics or Facts will not change reality or preceptions

Poem May 29, 2012

I made peace with the abyss the last time.
so we’re pals now. just having a cuppa
but I can’t seem to walk to the light side
and be happy so I remain in limbo
and that is the hardest thing for me
4 years of limbo
4 years of solitary confinement
i want to break free
I need to break out.
there is no freedom in chains
just safety of the boundaries
comfort in a familiar place.

From my Current Self to my Teenaged Self

There is a idea of writing a letter to your future self that was not around when I was a teen – but I think for me, these poems serve much the same function

I am proud to say that my politics and complex way of looking at the world is the same.

but I am a more skilled writer after composing over 1000 poems, an anthologies worth of short stories, 9 times in the 3 day novel writing contest and more than a dozen feature scripts.

10,000 hours of practice to be deemed an expert, for what those writer statistics and that recognized reality of endeavor in any field be it arts or sports or even business is worth.

When I consider the substance rather than the arranging of words,
My mind continuously returns to Thomas Grey’s elegy

“Some mute inglorious Milton here may rest,
Some Cromwell, guiltless of his country’s blood.”

Confessions of a teenaged poet