Science is the study of nature and the natural universe

Science is the study of the natural universe.

Supernatural things like paranormal and deities are not science and do not belong in science class. they are NOT controversial they are opinions, beliefs and besides the point.

They maybe be properly taught about – as opposed to taught – in literature/art classes and in portions of history that deals with how religion has retarded both social progress and scientific progress.

Loaded Words and going off half cocked

the word atheist is used by religious people as a pejorative the same way that some people (the religious ones) used to use words like gay or queer against another group of equally reviled folks.

there is nothing wrong with not believing in god – except to the people who do – they seem to take it as a personal affront to their beliefs when they are not shared

you would think that believers would be threatened more by believers of other faiths – but instead of all out crusades as in pervious centuries – in the last century the veneer of civilization make uneasy allies of religious groups with the ridiculous idea that they are all about the same god but worshipping in different ways.

this makes no sense, since each god demands worship in a particular fashion, with dire consequences for failure.

the reason that atheists, gays/lesbians, childless by choice het couples or single mom by choice are so threatening to the religious people is because these groups are dangerous to the religious idea that you must marry an opposite sex person and breed children.

the above groups do no conform to the norm desired by religious groups.

and, we live happily, morally and successfully in our lives – which is not compatible with the religious creed that one can only be these things when you are enslaved….er..worshipping the correct god.

the big stakes lotteries would be easier to win than the chances of there being a god and anyone being born into a culture where the true god is worshipped – assuming that the true god is currently worshipped

If Government is of and by or for the people, why does it seem to hate said people?