3 thoughts on “Uttering Hatred is Terrorism

  1. Funny, I thought flying planes into office towers was terrorism. Conflating feelings with actions is a common human failing. I really do not care how people feel but I do care how they act. Attempts to suppress, shame and intimidate people for their feelings simply forces them underground where they’ll fester and possibly later manifest in unpleasant actions. Judging from your posts I gather you are generally against people suppressing ideas you endorse. Try out some you do not endorse and you’ll find your ideological opponents often have sound arguments.

    • no I am against people thinking their emotions are facts

      and their personal preferences and personal comfort

      is equal to educated opinions

      subject matter expert views

      or working professional level conclusions

    • for example
      most people who are against abortion

      it’s really that they are against abortion for white women

      digging deeper into emotional reasons you tend to discover even worse motivations

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