ultimate struggle

Is not between good and evil, for they are just equal but opposing paths, dependent on POV to distinguish them

The eternal struggle is sameness vs change

And the only evil is trying to maintain a state for it’s own sake – rather than for a purpose

Conflict is pressure to change the path vs the resistance to pressure to stay on the path

There is no heaven or hell on a group level

When the path is towards good, anyone pathing the other way is towards bad (thus hell) to our mind

We want to travel together, the direction doesn’t matter, since the extremes come around and meet on the other side – so ultimate good is the same as ultimate evil – they each exist, they co-exist, they both exist, neither exists

There’s just the rules/justification we each decide is what makes a good person

and we do need to convince others to validate that view

hence herds, groups, and so on until religion

religion is no difference from racism – it’s just one more measurement/experience that we use to divide between another person being connected for a time


One up, one down


In charge of group

Group vs group (the discriminatory ism’s)

Multi groups with more than one shared factor – subculture

(without multiple conglomerated groups, then  the subculture is a homogenous culture)

Conglomerated groups is a multi-cultural society

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