Thinking about Africa – the motherland of us all

3 thoughts on “Thinking about Africa – the motherland of us all

  1. Very interesting discussuin. I lerned a lot from both of you, first of all about this current situation of htred and punishments against homosexual people. The causes for this appalling setback in that part of the world are probably linked with the spreading of AIDS seen as originating with homosexual activities, I suppose. Wasn’t it also the same kind of reaction in the Western countries at first? And didn’t that change to some extent since then? I am not sure, I am just asking whether that impression i have is correct or not.

    • AIDS cases in humans have been confirmed in Africa as far back as 1890’s.

      The virus occurs in several monkey species and was originally transmitted to people through being bitten and the consumption of undercooked “bush meat”.

      But because the African people at that time, did not travel, outbreaks were locally contained. So this is why the Highway system and the development of western style commerce lead to the spread of AIDS through the African population.

      In addition, the virus was mufti-vectored through laboratories that used the monkeys as test subject for other medical experiments – again, being bitten or exposed to blood during animal testing – the transmissions occurred before AIDS and HIV were identified.

      Where the virus left Africa was simply tourism. The regular kind where people of all sexualities have vacation romances and sadly the sexual tourism industry.

      as for America – Fleet Week in New York, 1979 was the Waterloo for bringing AIDS. Military personnel around the globe bringing back the virus.

      The reason that the perception is that AIDs is a gay disease is simply because gay men were the first demographic group in whom the disease was identified.

      To be brutally honest, no one bothered to investigate the deaths in Africa – and to be really honest, it would have been difficult to do so, given the number of deaths through starvation, ebola and other faster acting diseases. HIV simply presented as suppression of the immune system and there are many things and factors at play.

      Gay men in America, having more disposable and income and essentially, being able to afford health care – are owed a huge debt of gratitude and thank you for being the group who forced the medical industry to actually investigate.

      But AIDS is an indiscriminate killer and is not only sexually transmitted.

      But when the most vulnerable groups are drug users and gay men, that’s when the Puritanical/Evangelicalism that is America kicked in and hampered medical research, dampened public eduction and is the primary source of misinformation and judgement.

      Over the last decade, Heterosexual Women have been the group with the highest number of new cases diagnosed. Partly through drug use but primarily through having male partners who frequent sex workers of either gender or who are closet bisexuals or self loathing gays who fraudulently marry women for cover.

      These sorts of social anti-sex attitudes are largely responsible for the personal misery of people that results in self-destructive behaviours, such as risky sex, illicit sex, drug and alcohol abuse – and it then justifies more religious objection to the population groups who are oppressed and basically being psychologically tortured by the religious willful ignorance and spreading of misinformation about the realities of AIDS and the social impact of the stress of being in an unjust and anti-sex society.

      really, sex education reduces the need for pregnancy, reduces the spread of the over 20 known STDs and AIDS/HIV.

      In fact, marriage equality, would dramatically transform and change the gay community and have no impact on the religious community at all.

      marriage would reduce the number of sexual partners and has been demonstrated repeatedly to generally improve the quality and quantity of any given person’s life.

      • a reply in response to posting this on facebook:

        Arturo Schultz
        Nina, EXCELLENT… People everywhere should not be judgmental about the Who and why etc. They should just understand that AIDS must be contained and cured. Aids can happen to anyone, anywhere and it does not have to be via sex. One thing for certain.. You will not be infected just knowing, loving, caring , sugaring, eating with , hugging, just giving a kiss. it takes way more than that and remember, YOY may avoid AIDS, but one day your, wife, husband, mother , father, child, other relative or friend might have AIDS and how will you deal with it ?What of the get it through another way other than sex ? I’ve own, loved and lost HUNDREDS of friends due to this disease… Not everyone was promiscuous.. I’ve known a few that for them it was their very first time having sex and they fell in live, heart and soul with the person they got it from. I’ve known people who got it from transfusions, and other non sexual means who were healthcare workers. how about little children ? Should they be hated to ? Whatever you do be careful, practice universal precautions. It isn’t only AIDS that you might end up with.

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