Evolution is a scientific theory while religion is an opinon

Personal or Layperson Opinions – can be held by anyone – no particular or higher education needed

Subject Matter Expert Opinions – educated at a post-high school level and/or work experience with training in an area of specialty information

Professional Expert Opinions – educated at the highest levels of post secondary level and holding advanced or multi-related degrees plus paid professional in the field of study conducting practical, applied or theoretical research.


these are degrees of expertise and personal, non-educated, untrained and no work experience opinions are simply not remotely comparable, equal, equivalent or at all as valid a view as an educated and experienced opinion in the given subject matter.

so it’s curious to me that somehow everyone is deemed equal when it comes to asserting ignorance in support of personal opinions but these same personal opinions then create inequality through their intolerance toward the spectrum of natural diversity in the human behavior.

specially  – religious views are not as valid as scientific view when it comes to evolution, climate and other science topics and religious views are not as valid as legal professional views when it comes to matters of social equality or social justice or social progress towards these ideals.

Science is the study of nature – Law is the advancement of an enlightened society – the role of government is to safeguard and engage the citizens – so both science and the law need to be understood as widely was possible – and applied as broadly and as generously as possible to be inclusive of all people in a given nation and indeed to all citizens of the world –

IF the UN Declaration of Human Rights or any secular nation’s idea of human rights is to have any meaning or force or value or purpose.

Religion does not support social justice or equality – religion creates a zero sum Us Good Followers vs everyone else we must convert or exterminate.

The idea of inter-faith committees is a self-serving one and is cherry picking as much as the fanatics cherry pick in the other direction – if there really is one god or one set of gods, as the majority of religions are pantheon and not monotheistic – then the idea that worshipping must occur in one ritualistic way is ridiculous, needlessly divisive and really is the source of the intolerance and hatred.

Why does it matter to anyone how many times a day someone prays or in what fashion?

Why does it matter to anyone who some else is having sex or in love with?

What other people do, simply does not concern anyone who is not directly involved with them.

Live and let live – and let others make their own choices – after all – that was the whole point of America’s social experiment to start with.

That the individual and not the state be self-determined with the freedom to take liberties with whatever makes you happy.

and people trying to impose their religion onto the masses – is a contravention of that very idea – no one has the right or entitlement to impose or assert their personal views or religion on anyone else.

Freedom of religion includes freedom of choice with respect to religion AND freedom from religion.

after all, religion is usually why there are huddled, oppressed and tired masses yearning to be free to start with.


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