Faith is not a virtue

willful ignorance is not a virtue

superstition is not a virtue

failing to take responsibility is not a virtue

obey a list of rules – when they suit you and repented after when they don’t

is NOT UNDERSTANDING right from wrong

in fact, being able to understand right from wrong is what got the leading characters from the bible kicked out in the first place

so – if you can figure out RIGHT from WRONG on your own – you are a god

if you obey a list of rules to avoid punishment or to obtain a reward
then you worship a pretty creepy control freak god

who has no sympathy or compassion or sense of measured justice

since wearing a poly-cotton blend shirt will send you to hell forever

Words – Swears, Derogatories and who gets to use them

I was going to do this screenshot on my Shut In Stand Up blog – but the discussion became so much more complex than a snappy cunt joke that I decided to put it here.

and this is the photo of me that I posted: