Professional Ethics vs Personal Morality

2 thoughts on “Professional Ethics vs Personal Morality

  1. If people of the gay and lesbian persuasion want to follow heteros in their foolish way of life: marriage/children/mortgage/soccer moms…fine. Who cares? I used to admire their bracket in stats: high income/education/social status…now they will be like any jerk/jerkette next door.

    • having the same rights – especially – the legal kinship and the over 1000 federal equality rights and protection of your family – does not make us sell outs.

      being a full citizen in the country you live in, pay taxes to and participate in society/community – is not a sell out

      it’s called being a grown up and a citizen.

      in my 20’s I never imagined getting to marry the woman that I loved.

      Canada made marriage equal and I got married in 2004. That I am getting divorced in 2012, doesn’t negate the need for equality in our society.

      if you don’t want to be married, that’s your choice

      but don’t suggest that the rest of us shouldn’t be able to make the choice to do it.

      because that’s a knee jerk asshole evilness that is far more like everyone else

      than wanting to be married ever will be.

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