Source of Inspiration

Do not allow national aggressive policies,
religious dogma, spiritual apathy to
override the knowing in your heart.
We must cease to accept the unacceptable.

Within each of us is a knowing of
“right and wrong.” We must clear
out the false ideologies that sway
us with empty promises masking aggression.
Think carefully before you participate
in corrupt nationalism, racism, sexism,
militarism and all other “isims” that demean
the value of any other life form.

Do not be afraid to put your spiritual
hands in the muddy waters of corruption,
greed, and the consuming desire for power.
Lift your voice against those who enslave.
Weep your tears for those who suffer. Step
forward, my friend, take action. Look
around you–home, neighborhood, community,
or more. Join others to work for a world
where we respect and care for all life.
Each of us can and must make a difference
if we wish…

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