Angelic Trouble Maker

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I hereby give you permission
to be an angelic trouble-maker.
Feel free to disagree or to act
against established norms you
know to be wrong. Do not participate
in corrupt systems. Do not buy
from companies who do harm. Speak
out, speak up, be loud and clear.
Now is not the time for “nice.”

Be an angelic trouble-maker or
remain forever in your shackles
of complacency. We are governed
by the wicked ones only because
we allow ourselves to be. “Just
say ‘NO!’ is a slogan that still works.

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It Gets Better is not just a project, it’s a promise.

no permanent solutions to temporary problems

living well is the best revenge because as long a there is life, there ARE do-overs

true story

Butch Ramblings

I’m tired of seeing something about a new gay teen suicide every single day. My heart is heavy for these kids who left the world too soon to know that it gets better and that someone out there DID care. For their families…I know the sorrow of being one of those ‘left behind’ and the unanswered questions and sorrows that will haunt them the rest of their lives. God be with them because they are going to need the strength.

Please, take 3 minutes and 23 seconds of your day to watch this video and listen to this song. People all over the world are being persecuted for trying to just be who they are. It isn’t a choice. No one chooses this life and if you believe that, you’re kidding yourself because you have some issues of your own to deal with.

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