5 thoughts on “awakening to the spiritual

  1. Dear Nina,
    spirituality isn’t about “God” , or ‘Gods’, so it doesnt matter in the least that you are an ‘atheist’. These are all just human mental labels for a Reality which has nothing to do with all that those various labels are supposed to mean. The question only exists in your head, nowhere else, so you can ignore it completely.
    So please go on with the business – or rather, as often as you can, with the joy of living, and all will be fine for your awakening indeed spirituality…

    • thank you Bhaga

      that is very comforting and reassuring

      when I first saw this image on facebook a few weeks ago, I just thought, well those are all logical and rational things, which fit my

      Less Wrong philosophy

      but lately, there just seems to be another dimension as I see this more and more

      and I guess I am just being more open to possibility

      but resisting a littlle bit too

      have to find that harmonic balance on the outer rim of the comfort zone and beyond it I guess.

      • This is what the growing process is all about: accepting to go out of our present comfort zone, into an uncomfortable Unknown… that soon will become our new Comfort Zone, and so on, and so forth! Remember your cruise? Always something new to discover!!! Evolution is a kind of Big Cruise… 😀

        • actually I am less reminded of the Alaska cruise and more reminded about a workshop that I used to be involved in for many years and, seems to me, what seems like a lifetime ago.

          I have been very much mindful of how I used to be and finding my way forward through the processes that once served and guided me.

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