A heart, a brain and a life

A heart that doesn’t care doesn’t get broken, but it also doesn’t get to love or be loved.

Maybe love is taking a risk and discovering that it’s no risk at all.

I can’t help but think that early childhood events that upset your child understanding of what’s normal – which is you’re the centre of the world until you get older and learn that everyone thinks that because that’s how we experience the world – which is perhaps why we walk around expecting everyone to know what we know or beleive as we beleive

when everyone’s experiences vary and occur under a wide range of optimal to sub-optimal conditions – which change what we could have been under ideal conditions.

As if each bump – parents can separate or die or leave you, or people who are supposed to protect you will harm you, even if you’re 5, knocked you down a step from what your ideal could have been.

So it comes down to us, our resiliency and adaptability, to manage,to cope, to find ways the thrive despite….but it’s early childhood where we develop our sense of self, of security, of protectiveness.

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