is an experiment
into life

nurture nature
less wrong
curious compassion

not really that hard to figure out
it’s just a matter of managing the will

and not worry about the way
because any way of good
is good

you just have to be able to tell the difference yourself.

Source of Inspiration

What’s it all about?
the question often asked.
We live, play, work, eat, and
sleep again and again. Then
the cycle ends…for all, nothing
escapes this wheel of life. So,
what is it all about–just doing
what everyone else is doing? or
is it possible that there is much
more than this treadmill to death?

What’s it all about, Alfie?

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Self Interest vs community interest vs what’s legal and fair

Opinions vs nuanced understanding of matters

seriously, never prove you are a fool – and really, I don’t know why I entertain myself with these people – oh right – to show my readers how to identify fools so you can avoid them yourselves!

Nina suffers fools for education and entertainment purposes only! and not at all gladly.

ah sweet victory and then bored now! LOL



Living Well

I think that people are too often focussed on what they can make or get out of a moment

rather than just be in the moment and experience the event, the situation, the conversation or just a sight or smell or sound or taste that is happening

without being concerned about a take away or a lesson or an improvement or even an outcome

we are too distracted by sounds, other people, gadgets, thinking about things in the future or worrying about the past  and the whole woulda coulda shoulda revisiting that is utterly the most pointless use of our time and energy.

too often I see parents with kids in tow and the children are being made to be quiet and still because the parent is texting.

people need to reconsider their priorities, who they pay attention to and when

think about what you want your children’s memories of…

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