I saw this posted on facebook and naturally
could not let it pass without comments…..



Are you religious? yes – then no office for you

We cannot have politicians creating legislation about people’s PRIVATE MORALITY – Trudeau said it – the nation has no business in the bedrooms of the nation

We cannot have politicians imposing their privately held religious beliefs into the federal budget – natural disasters are not god’s punishment for human sexual or reproductive rights behaviours – and we need to endure emergency preparedness and disaster mitigation plans and infrastructure is in place.

More than that, we need complex nuanced thinkers who can understand what climate science reveals about our industrial and transportation and commercial/capitalism is doing to the planet’s biosphere

and stop muzzling scientists across the spectrum of science from climate to biology!

we do not need Friday night drinking buddy/share a pew  on Sunday caliber people in office making laws or government policy – we need people with critical thinking skills and the ability to understand and respect the needs of a culturally diverse society and Canada’s role in a global society.

Calgary Herald Article: A matter of faith

The mega-church headed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s pastor friend boasts a coffee bar, a soft-rock band and a shopping-mall-sized parking lot. Rev. Brent Trask’s RockPointe Church — which displays moving images of Jesus on three giant screens when elders serve communion — is perched on rolling farmland right next to Highway 1A.