to my mind, the only failure is to not have tried at all

the attempt to accomplish is a victory in and of itself

pushing the envelope, raising awareness, challenging authority and raising the bar are all measurable success

and history, social progress, scientific advances are all a series of steps

one generation upon another
in a series of individuals who each contributes a part to the whole

the whole being more than the sum of the parts, naturally

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Whatever I did not attain
is a task for another. Failure
does not exist but rather is
the passing of the baton.

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live to fight another day
as long as there is life, there are do overs
and the means to address the social injustice exist in many forms.

that said

princess bride is one of the best movies ever!

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Back to back, guns raised,
we walk ten paces, turn and face.
Now comes the ultimate moment.
Shall I live at the death of another?
Hungry child, victim of war, lost and
without hope masses, each begging
for mercy. What is my decision?

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Our sense of morality is innate and I think can be quantified and measured.

Morality is a complex equation:

Our Idealized Society subtract the averaging of our lifetime optimal, par and sub par experiences and divided by our childhood experience.

Childhood is a critical time when we learn from our parents and peers what is acceptable behaviour and what is not.

The boundary between moral and immoral conduct are the transgressions of our childhoods – significantly, children with pets better learned not harming other living beings – but more, the actions we regret from childhood when we didn’t know any better because our understanding of the world was limited to our experience of the world, with no consideration that we are impacting the world and others.