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DID YOU know that you can treat your illness using safe and effective natural home remedies? There are much easier and much safer solution that you can find right in your own kitchen cupboard! Try the following simple remedies as advised by experts:

1. Make muscle pain a memory with ginger

When Danish researchers asked achy people to jazz up their diets with ginger, it eased muscle and joint pain, swelling and stiffness for up to 63 percent of them within two months. Experts credit ginger’s potent compounds called gingerols, which prevent the production of pain-triggering hormones. The study-recommended dose: Add at least 1 teaspoon of dried ginger or 2 teaspoons of chopped ginger to meals daily.

2. Cure a toothache with cloves

Got a toothache and can’t get to the dentist? Gently chewing on a clove can ease tooth pain and gum inflammation for two hours straight, say…

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Living Well


All healings, physical, mental or emotional, are the result of complete acceptance of one essential fact:

That energy and matter are expression of Consciousness, which gives them vitality. That manifestation follows intention, that reality at any time can be completely changed by the activation of the creative forces inherent in all Consciousness.

If one is to become fluent in the art and science of Bio Spiritual Healing, it is necessary to become familiar with the primary structures of energy within which existence takes part.

Without this understanding one will be unable to identify the true nature of pain, grief, suffering, etc., and their intrinsic origin, while limiting our comprehension of the causal elements behind these external observable effects.

There is no one or no thing that “upsets you” – YOU “upset yourself” by allowing the emotional body to follow misperceptions of the mental body that tell you your power…

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Frequency Control ~ Staying in tune with Nature

WE are Energetic Beings and Frequencies has an direct effect upon another’s vibration. It’s a vibration with no separation vibrating at different octaves. Mother Earth and the cosmos have a particular frequency in which We naturally resonate. Anything that does not flow in the natural vibration or frequency of the Cosmos, would in turn affect our perfect flow of synchronicity with the Universal and it’s delivery of Cosmic Energy, which permeates all things within and upon this Sacred Planet Gaia. Remember Every Thing is Alive.

All is Consciousness…. From the rocks to the air We breathe.
Love is a frequency.
Light is a frequency.
ALL is Vibrational. The Key is aligning with that which is a vibrational match or resonance with the Being You~WE are.
Be aware of the excess use of laptops, cell phones, TV and any frequency control use…

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Rules of Existence:

The Energetic Order represents the means by which manifest reality comes into being.
The Rules of Existence crucially recognizes that:
• All things are made of energetic substance,
• All energetic substance is made of consciousness.
• All consciousness is aware,
• All energy is consciousness
• Spirituality and Science are directly and inextricably intertwined
• Human reality and human consciousness are made of the same cosmic substance.

“Human” design is a multi-dimensional complex of conscious energetic reality structures which exist within a Cosmic System each of which reflects each other (as above so below) demonstrating that the human system IS and intrinsic part of cosmic order.

From this it can be deduced that body, mind and spirit represent a truly ordered structure which is in fact a system of mechanics, all of which is completely and irrevocably interwoven with the energy structure of the…

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