Living Well



Rules of Existence:

The Energetic Order represents the means by which manifest reality comes into being.
The Rules of Existence crucially recognizes that:
• All things are made of energetic substance,
• All energetic substance is made of consciousness.
• All consciousness is aware,
• All energy is consciousness
• Spirituality and Science are directly and inextricably intertwined
• Human reality and human consciousness are made of the same cosmic substance.

“Human” design is a multi-dimensional complex of conscious energetic reality structures which exist within a Cosmic System each of which reflects each other (as above so below) demonstrating that the human system IS and intrinsic part of cosmic order.

From this it can be deduced that body, mind and spirit represent a truly ordered structure which is in fact a system of mechanics, all of which is completely and irrevocably interwoven with the energy structure of the…

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