“humble brother” on The question here now here is:

then don’t look to religion, because there’s no god to connect to

and certainly the god of the christian bible is not one worthy of worship

being a genocidal, insecure, jealous, vindictive and petty deity who’s new testament reboot of promising that being his own offspring to be the last sacrifice to save humanity from god’s punishment of them…seriously….

and all those emotions that you feel in your head about god

are chemical and electrical washes in your brain that happen in times of stress and creativity

but because you have no clue about the human body

you can’t connect the physical and emotional sensations to your physical reality

in large part, because religion can trigger those washes by engaging you emotionally and making a false connection in your mind

between those very good feelings and the religion

when those very good feelings of being comforted and loved
of love radiating through your body and a clarity of vision and purpose

are actually generated in your mind

and religion has co-opted them and sold you a pack of incoherent easy to grasp by not thinking too hard and selling you a ready made universe to plug into and be manipulated by those who know the right tones and vibes to trigger those feelings.

and the reason that athiests can’t talk to beleivers

is because we know those same feelings as creativity and inspiration

and they’ve got nothing to do with anything outside of yourself

they are down to how robust and complex a thinker that you are

and inside a religionverse, you are not a thinker, you’re someone else’s plaything

but you can’t see outside of the religion enough to understand

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