Religion and Science

Religion is an idea of how to explain the world and every culture has come up with their own explanation of the world and religion is a means to interact with, appease, appeal or influence the forces or idea of what makes things happen in the world.

Science is not about that – science is about understanding how the world operates – so we can alter our behaviour to mitigate or take advantage of how it actually works – with no appeals to said forces because they are not presumed to be sentient or aware of us.

So they really have different approaches to discovering our place


and given that there are things that religions through history once explained and now science does – like volcanos, crop harvests, weather, life events and the math of random chance


but that there is nothing that science once explained that is better explained through organized religion……

sort of telling and put paid to organized religion

which is different everywhere you go around the world, same as politics and systems of government – but science is the same everywhere

except for Kansas, where they redefined it to include religion…..

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