the state of police

like she was at all a threat to him – police are too quick to pull out their guns and tazers – to be honest, I’d rather risk a bullet than the electrical disruption of my body’s system – the police are supposed to be trained to defuse and DE-escalate a situation – use words assholes and stop killing people. that is not the job of police – especially when the person is not endangering anyone else.

I don’t know where a person who is a police officer – who has supposedly been trained to know the law, to know police procedure, who supposedly became a cop to upload the law to serve and protect the community:  get off murdering people within the community.

Police are becoming worse than organized crime gangs because they are operating openly against the needs of society, harming individuals and hurting those people’s families and basically undermining the very purpose of having police.

Instead, the police in America and Canada have or are becoming the thug enforcers of political parties – and that should not be acceptable in secular democratic nations.

putting on a uniform for your country, be it military or police or firefighters – even any person who’s job it is to provide goods or services to the public – do not get to cherry pick from that public who gets service, who gets denied services or who dies.

This might shock readers about Canada -but in Saskatchewan, there’s a phase “Starlight Cruise”

Individuals within the RCMP take a native person and leave them out of town to die from exposure. Public inquiries don’t seem to have an effect, RCMP policy and the law don’t seem to have an effect. So what will it take to change this hidden but documented poison inside one of the world’s best police forces?

Individual cops might get the idea that the law doesn’t apply to them because it’s their job to enforce it, but you know what – the law applies to everyone – and no one is entitled to subject anyone else to cruel, unusual or torture – the police have procedures they are required to follow – this is why even guilty criminal walk out of court free on technicalities of law – those cases mean the police did not do their job.

And police may be frustrated by courts but that means they have to look to themselves for their improper or inaction for handing the defense lawyers the opportunity to win on police stupidity and error. Certainly, they are not entitled to take out that frustration against the public they are supposed to be serving.

Police don’ think the law applies to them: they think they are cop, judge and executioner.

I used to work administratively for RCMP, it makes me really sick because I knew so many decent officers.I know how much it totally gutted them when the bad cops got headlines.

So then, I ask – why not do more to get rid of the bad cops?

It is not hard to know who they are;there are always signs in the workplace – there is corruption from the top to the front line in all organizations and no will to deal with it or even mitigate – just hide and cover up.

But not all is hopeless. There was an incident with Vancouver police:6 officers beat the crap out of some drug dealers and left them in stanley park. It’s called the Stanley Park Six.

1 junior officer reported the incident so those cops got fired. There is hope in the younger members of the force perhaps, who have not bought into the corporate culture of abuse and silence.

as evidenced by the number of men and women who, upon retirement from policing – then publically state that the war on drugs is a lost cause and benefits criminals more than the public.

people don’t want to know the truth

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