Gay Marriage

There is no legal case to be made against gay marriage – the only reason why gays can’t be married in America is religion prejudice.

If marriage is supposed to be good for society in that it encourages people to settle down in socially responsible manner, be productive, raise families and display good civic citizenship – then the make up of any given family is neither here nor there.

Gays and lesbians are law abiding, tax paying, family forming now and have dramatically changed since the 1950’s and earlier when we were marginalized and died young from alcohol or substances or disease or violence – we are not people to be thrown away, but highly educated, creative people who have a place in society – and are deserving of the same access to law and treatment under the law as anyone else who’s a citizen.

If convicted rapists and murderers are entitled to marry then there’s really no legal or moral reason why gays and lesbians can’t marry the person they love.

Every other G20 country has made inclusions for gays within existing marriage laws or because of religious sensibilities, made provisions for the lesser civil union state – lesser because it does not trigger the same scope of rights as marriage.

America was once a symbol of human potential, but has been dragged into the mud as a Christian Taliban Inquisition internally and Crusades 2.0 externally.