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  1. And this is why its illegal, because it would honestly WRECK the economy (in a fantastically scary way!) What is with this country now? Its always been about money, and it sickens me that we can’t make amazing use of our resources just because someone says so, even though is available and proven beneficial… Ugh. Thank you Nina, your support for hemp gives me hope. God bless, and good luck fighting.

    -Carlos Hernandez

    • Marijuna is medically legal in Canada and practically decriminalized.

      the Canadian government has operated a marijuna farm for medical research since the 1970s

      it’s really because we can grow our own that it’s illegal.

      captains of industry would support pot if they could work out how to make the money from it – and that they tend to profit more from it’s being illegal is pretty much why there’s prohibition – which we know was a social and legal failure against alcohol.

      making something taboo is the best way to ensure people do it.

      and then there’s the whole puritan thing, that mortal terror that some one some where is having a good time…..

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