Humanism and Naturalism

labels are used for a common frame of reference in discussion so part of the problem with the word Atheist is that theists do not understand what it means.

they often think it means someone who is mad at their god or rejecting their god like a teenager rebelling against their parents – and this is patently foolish.

there is no anger against a god that is non-existant, it’s not rebelling against a so called natural order

there is nothing natural in what the abrahamic religions presume about the world, it’s a male centric top down system of oppression, brutality and conquest by the sword or the word that tells you to pick up the sword. it’s a death centric cult.

from which, if believers really accepted that their god would sort everything and every one, they should be more concerned with their own afterlife than any one else’s

live your life and let others live their as they wish – work and play well with others

not that difficult to do less wrong in the world…

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