Believers cannot be swayed by rationality..usually

5 thoughts on “Believers cannot be swayed by rationality..usually

    • there is nothing in the image to identify you

      and it is so generic as to not be recognizable so the effort for me to do against whatever you think is gained by my doing so is not worth my time.

      so given that you deleted your comments on the original facebook page, I deem your request to be nothing short of christian harassment of atheists

      you will need to provide prove that it is in fact your copyrighted image and demonstrate how my fair use of it is an infringement of your use of it.

      your demand – because it is not a request at all – is not going to be given any more consideration than you.

      seriously, you just squandered the marginal amount of respect you earned today by your accepting responsibility for your comments.

      which you completely negated by deleting them.

  1. Since you choose to post things without asking if people are ok with it, please also remove my image from the above post.

    When I think of you, I will send you light and love.

    • it’s a public posting. so it’s fair use and fair game.

      “send me love and light”

      not a very christian expression, it’s very pagan.

      and in the context of your post, it’s clearly not intended to be read at the word.

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