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I’m talking about Marketing YOU for LOVE!


I’m also not talking about spending any more of your hard earned money on hanging out at the bar or paying even more money to join a singles group. Not one red cent! You don’t have to spend any more of your money buying drinks for people who wouldn’t even give you the time of day and within days you could be on the fast track to Love and Dating!


Most important, I’m not talking about changing who you are, or changing your personality or starting from scratch!


What I am talking about is the single most powerful concept to attract someone to you online known today, and not applying this concept is exactly why SO many people haven’t had any luck WHATSOEVER finding that special someone online and SO many single lonely people are giving up! And, I’m…

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Confronting haters on their justifications

additional note:

their church is below 40 people, all related by blood or marriage, so they don’t recruit and while people seem to support their freedom of speech, no one is lining up to join them. so that’s something at least. so far, they have not been allowed to cross into Canada to stage their little theatrics. every time they announce they are going to try, Canada tightens the border security. they and their ilk are not welcome here, we are a multicultural society and we have hate speech legislation. because freedom of speech is not unlimited and there are responsibilities that come with it. and advocating genocide and blaming groups of people for natural events like disasters or for the tragic and predictable outcomes of war…….. seriously…..word just fail.