What’s legal vs what’s right

As my Dad said: We have a legal obligation to obey the law and a moral one to question it.

Sally’s Last Ride

I understand that her being a role model for women to get into the sciences was enough of a challenge for her career.

But how much could she have spared her partner and the queer community – if she had come out after her space flight – a sad recognition of reality that is – and been a vocal support of equality too?
the more people who are out, the more society sees who much gays and lesbians and non-heteronormative people have to offer and contribute.

I do not supporting outing celebrities in any area – only politicians who publically are against what they do in private.

but having prominent gays and lesbians in non-entertainment or sports fields is in many ways, more important to show the true diversity of our community and how we are part of the full range of society.

I was a social activist for many years and for 13, I was a Federal Government of Canada employee.
In 7 departments, I was the only OUT AND VOCAL lesbian – but I was not the only gay person – there were many managers at all levels who were gay or lesbians and they did not find it safe to be out.
So if Senior Managers cannot be out – that says everything we need to know about how safe it is for rank and file employees – and it doesn;t matter what the law or policies say

when there is no will or effort to enforce or embrace them

people in groups will act as the lowest common denominator – it’s why there is so much bullying – might does not make right, might is just about being righteous.