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1. BREATHING AND EXERCISE: I know this sounds like common sense.  However, are you really doing it… taking long, slow, deep breaths and taking the time to do this a few times throughout the day?  What is your exercise routine?   Exercise is probably one of the most important proven stress reducers.  A recent article in Better Nutrition magazing recommends a weekly mixture of weights, aerobics and stretching.  For me, it has to be fun.  I love my pilates class.  My local Curves offers a great Zumba dance class and I go to the gym twice a week for the heavy weights.


2. WHAT YOU EAT MATTERS:  What are you eating?  Try making a list of everything you put in your mouth this week.  Be conscious and awake here.  Sugars and starch can make you feel edgy, depressed and even…

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there was a lot of wit and wisdom in Gomer,

it’s more the north – south cultural divide that makes the southern characters seem like naive or foolish people, when they are really down home-spun fonts of wisdom passed down through generations of back woods pioneers, who really knew how to live within the bounds of the, as much as the ingenious peoples encountered here

it’s the urbanization of the south were the bumblers and fools really are, the tea baggers who have gone off their roots and become republican dupes.

Source of Inspiration

Take my hand, Precious Lord
guide me to the promised land.
How ironic that we are in the
promised land and long for that
which we already have. Awaken
children, see the glory all
around you. Know the essence of
your soul created of pure love
energy. You are so much more
than your limitations, fears,
earthly desires.
Creator, Source, Spirit, Pure Love Energy


Jim Nabors, best known for his role as Gomer Pyle, was a multi-talented, brilliant man, although he played Gomer, a simple, bumbling man. If you have never listened to his music, explore it a bit as his range of voice and music is astoundingly beautiful.

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