summer 2012 garden decor expansion – & a dragonfly!

along with new roommates, they bring such treasures to expand the decor of the garden

from driftwood and sculptures made by Lorne Szmeck – to nature’s own shells and stones



Source of Inspiration

They’re off! Hounds chasing the
mechanical rabbit. They run for
all they’re worth, only to find
what they wanted so badly, was
an illusion, a trick to make
someone else money.

Whatever dream you are chasing, be
sure it is yours and not someone
else’s. Are you living the life you
want? Is your dream an illusion, or
a firm, worthy goal? The choice is yours.

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as Elvis sang
a house that has everything
everything but love

possessions are not love and do not confer value on people for the having or getting of the items

sometimes the sunniest looking houses hold the greatest darknesses

Source of Inspiration

I bought the dream.
It is a lie.
Corporate success was an ill illusion.
I bought the dream.
Thinking bigger is better, I found
More often gives you less.
I bought the dream.
It is a lie.

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